Review of Más Allá Del Bien Y Del Mal Album by El Tri

El Tri
Más Allá Del Bien Y Del Mal

El Tri Más Allá Del Bien Y Del Mal Album

El Tri with all of its grace and glory represents Mexico's hard rock old guard. With all the time-tested reliability of AC/DC, the explosive destructiveness of Guns N' Roses, and enough stamina to outrun both Motorhead and Blink 182 combined. The heavy metal heroes of El Tri offer another rock and roll classic, estilo latino. This CD is quintessential Rock en Español, featuring the familiar interprative blues-based riffs and chord patterns fronted by Lora's wicked but strangely comforting howl on 11, tequila, tortilla, and testosterone-fueled tracks that bear a fearless and biting wit. Más Allá's lyrics take aim at political corruption, laud Che Guevara, and honor the late Pope John Paul before takingb hilarious look forward to the World Cup in "El Mundial".

Francisco H. Ciriza

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