Review of Rocket Single by El Presidente

El Presidente

El Presidente- Rocket - Single Review

El Presidente


One Records

17 th January 2005.

It was 1999, and the world was at the treacherous hands of boy bands and chart dance. There was no revolution, and nothing to tell of the music scenes of yesteryear, no punk, no grunge, and only floppy haired teens to haunt our ears. Who could rescue us and give us the musical kick needed to quash the boy band revolution? Well somewhere underneath was building a secret revolution, being lead

El Presidente - Rocket - Single Review

by El Presidente, lead singer and leader of his shadow government, who were to help him take over and take to the stage, and give the music world some colour yet again, but nothing happened and the chart domination continued.

Now the story continues, as El Presidente and his this time select shadow government return with a mission to rule the country, and first broadcast “Rocket” is their path to success, and to claiming the office they so greatly desire.

With the success of disco rockers, The Scissor Sisters now being at a dominating level, closely following in their footsteps, El Presidente may well have election success in their sight, with quirky, disco rock, and dance floor appeal as their campaigns. Swirling keyboards ooze surrealism and psychedelia, and the quirky infectious chorus (“Fly Like A Rocket”) will grab pop/rock fans. For the dance fans amongst us, “Rocket” will win the vote with it’s strong dance rhythm and foot tapping nature and if you like the sisters, you will love these.

Katherine Tomlinson