Ed Norton isn't exactly known for his comedic chops, so when he appeared as host on this week's Saturday Night Live - the first time he has hosted the long-running show - he was happy to take all the help he could get. It was a good think that show veteran Alec Baldwin and recent host Miley Cyrus were on hand to dish out some advice for him as he burst his SNL cherry.

Ed Norton
Norton made his debut on the show

It was a great lead in to the show - one that could have been better if it wasn't for Cyrus' poorly received butting-in and tongue joke - as the three joked around, shared tips (Alec is a 15-time presenter on the show) and plugged whatever new ventures they have on the horizon (for Baldwin, it was his new MSNBC show, whilst Miley talked about her 2014 tour). And for such an amusing lead, the show even managed to keep up the funny until the end, a sad rarity for recent shows.

There were some great sketches, and some notably poor ones too (we're looking at the 'Drug Deal' sketch in particular here), but of them all it was the brilliant parody of Wes Anderson's back catalogue that stole the show. Norton put on a perfect Owen Wilson impression as Baldwin narrated over a wonderfully performed sketch riddled with Anderson clichés, with spot-on references to The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom.

And with it being so close to Halloween, there were some 'spooky' sketches included too, with the frankly weird, but still hilarious, dad sketch being the pick of the bunch. The camera panning in on the "single Nerd" being the best part, only for Norton to joke, “Psych, it’s a boogie!" - It was a weird as heck sketch, but maybe that's why it worked so well.

The musical accompaniment for the night was provided this week by the ever-entertaining Janelle Monae, who gave an energetic performance of 'Dance Apocalyptic.' The audience loved it and judging by the ear-to-ear grin on her face, we're guessing that Monae loved every minute of the exuberant performance too. Of all the performances of the season so far, Monae probably has the best claim for being the most entertaining.

Janelle Monae
Janelle Monae was the musical guest.

Ed Norton Boss
Time to step in to comedy Ed?