Review of Sugar Single by Editors

Editors released their fourth album 'The Weight Of Your Love' last year after a three year interval where they released nothing at all. During that time, they lost a band member (guitarist Chris Urbanowicz) but gained new relationships when they joined PIAS Records after a five year stint with Kitchenware.

Editors Sugar Single

It feels that they have also spent that time maturing their sound - a fact that is profoundly obvious on the upcoming second single from the album 'Sugar'. While previous releases have seen a touch more synth work going on than how they started out, this new song marks a return to their trademark guitar-based sound; which is unusual considering fans were told to expect something a little more electronic.

The song kicks off with some seriously heavy bass - as in, shake the ceiling and vibrate your boots heavy - before some melodic guitar riffs are introduced alongside gentle but minimal piano which adds a definite melancholy atmosphere. The deep, steady vocals of Tom Smith seem to have grown more powerful in their recent releases, and in 'Sugar', it certainly helps to infect the listener (if that doesn't sound too gross) as he croons out mushy lines like, 'It breaks my heart to love you' and 'There's sugar on your soul/ You're like no-one I know'. 

'Sugar' is not the most memorable of tracks and you'll doubtfully be singing along to it long after the song is over, but it truly is easy to get lost in it with its almost cinematic soundscape; all those instrumental layers and the eerie wails of an electric guitar that builds up as the song goes on - it's hypnotising. 'The Weight Of Your Love' may not have charted as well as Editors' previous releases, but they've found a sound that really suits them.


Holly Williams

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