Tom Smith says being a dad has changed his songwriting.

The Editors frontman - who has 15-month-old son Rudy with girlfriend Edith Bowman - says having a child has made him take more of an interest in world affairs, which has inspired his lyrics on forthcoming new album 'In This Light And On This Evening'.

He said: "Every time you turned on the telly it was people not quite being sure where all the money has gone so the lack of trust with those people who're supposed to be in charge of that. I'd hesitate to call the songs political but there are two songs on the record that are that way charged.

"Some of it might come down to being a dad, you know? You take a step back and look at the world around you. It changes the way you look at things - I guess you have to be less selfish."

As well as taking an interest in politics and economics, Tom also has a keen interest in religion, despite admitting he doesn't believe in god.

He added to BBC Newsbeat: "I'm pretty clear on the topic. I still find the whole idea of faith and religion an interesting avenue. It's not just dismissing it for dismissing its sake.

"The idea of faith is an amazing one, the idea that people put so much believe into something they don't understand is an incredible thing whether it's true or false.

"People who use the canvas of religion to gain power - it's a very scary thing."