Former The Sopranos star Edie Falco has discovered her great-great-great grandmother was a nun who was born at sea on a British ship bound for New Orleans, Louisiana, while researching her family tree for U.S. TV show Who Do You Think You Are?.
The actress opted to seek out the history of her mother Judy Anderson’s side of the family and was surprised when it led her to England, where her great-great grandfather, newspaper editor Charles Childs Brown, was born.
Researching her mysterious family in Penzance, Cornwall, where her relative Kate Kindley spent much of her young life, Falco discovered her great-great-great-great grandmother, Dorothy, and her husband, "master mariner" Ralph Kindley both died before their daughter was 10.
Falco met English historian Sam Willis, who treated her to a short voyage on a tall ship similar to the Lord Cochrane, on which her relative Kate was born in October, 1831.
Falco reveals the family tree search left her feeling "sad" for her orphaned great-great-great grandmother Kate, who later emigrated to America and became a nun, Sister Catherine Brown. She died in 1902.
The actress, who has two adopted children of her own, says, "I sort of wished I could have been there for her. I have a lot to give and she had a lot that she needed."
Falco's family tree search aired in America on Friday night (06Apr12).