All is well at the Simon-Brickell household, where all charges of disorderly conduct have been dropped. The musical couple was charged back in April, after being arrested on the evening of April 26. That night, Edie’s mother called the police to report a “family dispute.”

Paul Simon
Paul Simon - Everything is just about alright at the Simon-Brickelle household.

Upon the officers’ arrival, Brickell and Simon were cooperative and the arrest was made by summons – that is, neither musician was put in jail, they were both just called to court. Later that week, the pair made their court appearance and held hands throughout the proceedings – the whole incident seemed forgotten.

On Tuesday, June 17, prosecutors in the case decided not to pursue the charges of disorderly conduct any further. This means that the charges will be completely erased from Brickell and Simon’s records in thirteen months, per Vulture.

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Apparently it all worked out for them. Maybe the whole case can provide some songwriting inspiration, at least. In fact, their joint creativity was sparked at least once after the incident. Just three days after that fateful 911 call, the couple released a new, acoustic duet, called "Like to Get to Know You" on her website as part of her Song of the Day Project, in which she writes, records and posts a new song each day. The chorus goes: “I wouldn’t trade places with anyone, none of them. Cause I’d like to get to know you again."

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Yep. They’ll be alright.