Edgar Wright is urging audiences to see 'Last Night In Soho' at the cinema.

The 47-year-old director has helmed the 1960s set psychological thriller and wants fans to watch the "immersive" picture on the big screen.

Edgar told SFX magazine: "As you can imagine, we want this to be seen on the big screen, we designed it to be. It's a very immersive film in the sense of you're with the main character in every scene, and you're experiencing the story very subjectively through her and the way that the sound and the visuals work is that you're going down this rabbit hole with her. And the big screen is the best place to see that first."

The 'Baby Driver' director is happy that the film – which stars Thomasin McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy and Matt Smith – has been described as a psychological thriller as he doesn't consider it an "out-and-out" horror flick.

Edgar said: "I don't even know whether I'd call it an out-and-out horror movie.

"I like the idea that it's not on any level, it's not exactly what it says on the tin. I'm sure, eventually, it will end up in the horror category on some kind of library. But it's a slow burn into that territory."

Wright has always been obsessed with the 1960s and admits that he could relate to the female lead, McKenzie's Eloise Turner – a young fashion designer who mysteriously enters London during the decade.

He explained: "With this film, even with two female leads, there are elements of Eloise that are close to my experience. Even in a way where it wouldn't seem like it, this is a personal film for me."