The Internet has definitely sided with Edgar Wright since he and Ant-Man unceremoniously split on May 23. That probably has something to do with Joss Whedon’s Twitter salute to the ex-Ant-Man man, but either way, a running joke has prevailed: no one wants to direct Ant-Man. Did we say Ant-Man enough? Ant-Man.

Nicholas StollerNicholas Stoller Could Get The Job

It’s not exactly a desirably gig; the film already has a ridiculous amount of hype behind it, and whoever gets the job will have to stick to a tight schedule with a script that is still in flux. It’s the kind of situation the phrase ‘deep end’ was first uttered for. 

The latest names to be thrown into the ring, and Nicholas Stoller and Michael Dowse might not thank Deadline for doing so are… oh. We just said them. Anyway it’s those two. 

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Stoller has already proved his worth in comedy, although the considerable talent of Zak Efron and Seth Rogen will have gone some way towards the $209m that 'Neighbors' brought in. He previously helmed 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and 'The Five Year Engagement', and would suit Marvel’s tradition for writer-director types. But he’s not got much experience with action, so could be a tough sell given the tight parameters he’d be working with.  

The Canadian Dowse just finished directing Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan in the rom-com 'What If'. He’s also got no real experience with action, but has mixed violence and comedy together with 2011’s Goon. Cinemablend suggest he’s in no position to say no, but as they also point out, no one else is exactly clambering for the honour. Poor Paul Rudd.

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