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10th January 2017

Fact: Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder will perform as part of President Obama's farewell address in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday night (10Jan17). The rocker will be joined by the Chicago Children's Choir as Obama bids farewell to the office of President 10 days before Donald Trump takes over as U.S. leader.

24th August 2016

Fact: Rockers Pearl Jam gave gig-goers in Chicago, Illinois a performance to remember on Monday (22Aug16) after inviting basketball star and longtime fan Dennis Rodman to join them onstage during a rendition of their song Black Red Yellow. Frontman Eddie Vedder had to climb up on a stage monitor to give the towering sportsman a hug, and Rodman proceeded to pick the singer up, cradling him like a child, much to the audience's amusement.

11th April 2016

Fact: Rocker Eddie Vedder surprised the crowd at his band Pearl Jam's concert in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Friday (08Apr16) by wearing a mask of U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump to dance on stage. Fan footage from the brief stunt showed the frontman donning the prop for the instrumental break in the song Do The Evolution, much to the audience's amusement.

14th May 2015

Fact: After thrilling baseball fans with his rendition of Take Me Out to the Ball Game at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday (12May15), Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder stayed in the city to perform with The Who on Wednesday night (13May15). The rocker hit to stage at the Allstate Arena to sing The Real Me from the band's Quadrophenia album. Vedder is also set to join The Who guitarist Pete Townshend at Chicago's Rosemont Theatre on Thursday night (14May15) for benefit show Celebrating The Who, which will raise funds for Teen Cancer America.

13th May 2015

Fact: Pearl Jam star Eddie Vedder thrilled baseball fans at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday (12May15) when he performed the sport's seventh inning stretch anthem Take Me Out to the Ball Game during his beloved Cubs' home game against the New York Mets.

16th February 2014

Fact: Rocker Eddie Vedder joined Bruce Springsteen on stage in Melbourne on Saturday night (15Feb14) to pay tribute to Australians AC DC. The Pearl Jam frontman hit the AAMI Park stage to perform Highway To Hell with The Boss and his band and he stuck around to duet with Springsteen on Darkness on the Edge of Town.

12th December 2013

Fact: Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is heading off for a solo tour of Australia next year (14). The shows kick off in in Perth on 7 February (14) and the tour includes stops in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

24th October 2013

Quote: "I'm going to go to a Cubs World Series game - and I'm taking care of my health in order to do so." Pearl Jam rocker Eddie Vedder is determined to see his beloved Chicago Cubs playing for baseball's biggest prize. The last time the Cubs reached the World Series was 19 years before Vedder, 48, was born.

2nd October 2013

Quote: "I first saw the Stones in 1981, and at that point they were elder statesmen. So we're lucky to see these old poets being able to read their work in their own voice... I mean they came from the same generation that said, 'Don't trust anyone over 30'. It reminds you to be open to the possibilities." Pearl Jam star Eddie Vedder on his admiration for the Rolling Stones.

27th September 2013

Quote: "These pop songs almost feel like tabloid journalism, in a way. It's c**p that people seem to like. And I don't know if it has meaning. I don't know if one of the pop songs of the summer has any fibre in it. People are consuming it, and is it healthy?... Maybe there's some healthy property or some restorative property that I'm not receiving. It seems like it has a really high fructose content." Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder is not a fan of modern pop music.

12th September 2011

Quote: "The first time I saw that footage it was incredibly emotional. I think just because he's smiling and you just think, 'If he just could've pulled through.'" Eddie Vedder on watching footage of him dancing backstage with tragic Kurt Cobain at the MTV Video Music Awards in Cameron Crowe's new Pearl Jam 20th anniversary documentary.

31st May 2011

Quote: "At first it was kind of a joke, and then it became a little bit of a challenge, a puzzle, to see if I could create 11 or 12 songs with just a ukulele. It's like painting with one colour. You can ­really appreciate the subtleties and changes in tone." Eddie Vedder on his upcoming Ukelele Songs album.

4th November 2010

Fact: R.E.M.'s new album Collapse Into Now will feature guest spots from punk icon Patti Smith and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. Smith has contributed vocals to the track Blue while Vedder duets with Michael Stipe on It Happens Today.

25th October 2010

Quote: "It was 20 years ago last night that our group played our first gig... Twenty years looks pretty good." Eddie Vedder on Pearl Jam's 20th anniversary show, which took place at Neil Young's annual Bridge School Benefit concert in California on Saturday night (23Oct10).

20th September 2010

Fact: Newlywed Eddie Vedder, Bobby Womack and Kris Kristofferson are among the stars who have recorded guest spots on Ronnie Wood's new solo album I Feel Like Playing.

31st March 2010

Fact: Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder performed onstage with The Who at a charity concert at London's Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday (30Mar10). The gig marked the end of a series of live shows raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

29th September 2009

Quote: "Sometimes I think the best thing I could do would be to get a tow truck and just drive it around. Throw a chainsaw in the back, maybe a set of jumper cables. Just look for people to help." Rocker Eddie Vedder would like to be everybody's handyman.

7th April 2009

Fact: Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder will appear as a guest on Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood's upcoming solo album MORE GOOD NEWS.

16th November 2008

Fact: Pearl Jam star Eddie Vedder has recorded a cover of punk icon John Doe's THE GOLDEN STATE for a new EP. The track is a collaboration with CORIN TUCKER, with whom Vedder recorded HARD SUN for the Into The Wild soundtrack. The new EP features a remix, demo, a live version of the song, and the original version from John Doe's 2007 album A Year in the Wilderness.

26th March 2008

Fact: Pearl Jam star Eddie Vedder has written the foreword to rocker Pete Townshend's higly-anticipated new biography, WHO ARE YOU: THE LIFE OF PETE TOWNSHEND.

13th December 2007

Fact: Eddie Vedder and John Legend are to collaborate on an upcoming soundtrack to accompany a TV mini-series based on historian HOWARD ZINN's study A PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.

30th August 2006

Fact: The Strokes have recorded a cover of Marvin Gaye's MERCY MERCY ME with Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme as a B-side to their new single YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

21st June 2006

Quote: "I've actually tried to play a few shows without drinking... (but) I felt more like the busboy - that I was just working." PEARL JAM star Eddie Vedder explains why he has taken to drinking homemade wine during concerts.

20th June 2006

Quote: "You can imagine what kind of foetal position I was in. I just remember thinking that there was no other way out." Rocker Eddie Vedder on how he struggled with life after nine Pearl Jam fans were trampled to death at the 2000 Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

20th June 2006

Quote: "I feel like we've been handing in our work on time, and we've been getting As and Bs, but we haven't really raised our hand and spoken out in class." PEARL JAM star Eddie Vedder analyses his group's decade-long retreat from the mainstream.

20th June 2006

Quote: "I miss him. There are a lot of times when we're passing around a guitar, around a campfire or something, and I just think, like, he'd be right there with us. I think about him all the time." Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder talks about his former grunge rival Kurt Cobain.

8th June 2006

Fact: Rockers The Strokes have recorded a cover of Marvin Gaye's MERCY, MERCY ME with PEARL JAM star Eddie Vedder and Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme as the B-side to their new single YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

7th May 2006

Quote: "The crowds are much more dangerous, because of the germs and bacteria." Pearl Jam rocker Eddie Vedder insists crowd surfing is more dangerous than ever.

2nd May 2006

Quote: "I met The Strokes recently, and they were really, genuinely, politely fawning. I found that charming and quite humbling." PEARL JAM star Eddie Vedder has fans in high places.

2nd May 2006

Quote: "I never had it. It was apparently a recipe that was handed down. It's mythological now... I imagine it was regular preserves with a bit of mushroom in it, a peyote kind of deal." Eddie Vedder admits he never tasted his grandmother PEARL's famous jam, from which his group got its name.

22nd April 2006

Quote: "Bob passed on a few lessons to me... 'Don't read anything in the paper, don't watch TV. Get away.'" Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder remembers pearls of wisdom he was given by Bob Dylan at the beginning of his career.

27th September 2005

Quote: <p>"I think a lot about if he was still around. How we might be sitting by the water in Seattle, by a campfire or something, talking. It could've been. We were running on parallel trains." PEARL JAM star Eddie Vedder on how he misses fellow grunge icon Kurt Cobain. </p>

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