PEARL JAM singer Eddie Vedder has spoken about the moment he realised a tragedy was taking place during his band's set at the Roskilde FESTIVAL in Denmark in 2000.

Nine fans were crushed to death as the ALIVE rockers performed to the 40,000 crowd.

Devastated Eddie says, "It was chaos. Some people were yelling 'thank you'. Others, who weren't in bad shape, were running up and saying 'hi'.

"Then someone was pulled over, laid out, and they were blue. We knew immediately it had gone on to that other level.

"There were still 40,000 people out there. They were ready for the show to start again. They started singing, 'I'm still alive.' Alive was going to be the next song. That was when my brain clicked a switch. I knew I would never be the same."

07/07/2003 17:09