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Pearl Jam 'Rescheduling' London Show After Eddie Vedder Loses Voice

Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder

For the first time ever, Pearl Jam were forced to cancel their second London tour date yesterday after lead singer Eddie Vedder began suffering vocal difficulties. They're expected to continue the tour later this week, providing that he gets the vocal rest he needs over the next couple of days.

Pearl Jam performing livePearl Jam performing live

The Seattle band were unable to complete the second of two shows at London's O2 Arena this week after Eddie lost his voice, but they insisted they were 'working on' a date to reschedule the concert and now expect it to come in 'mid-July'; possibly following the completion of their European dates and ahead of their US leg.

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The Music Of 'Twin Peaks The Return'

David Lynch Nine Inch Nails Eddie Vedder

So that's it for the reunion series of 'Twin Peaks', and the 18 episodes definitely seem to have gone by so quickly. Perhaps some of the most enjoyable moments in the whole series were the great many musical guests that appeared at the Road House (and elsewhere). 

David Lynch at Cannes Film FestivalDavid Lynch at Cannes Film Festival

David Lynch has always taken music seriously in his filmmaking, so we wouldn't have expected anything other than an electrifying auditory experience and that's exactly what we got with these artists during 'Twin Peaks: The Return'. Needless to say, the cool jazz-infused flavour from the original series is somewhat lacking - but then you can't have everything...

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Pearl Jam Donate $70,000 To Man Who Saved Eddie Vedder's Life

Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder

The members of rock group Pearl Jam have donated $70,000 to a man who once saved lead singer Eddie Vedder’s life after a boating accident nearly 15 years ago.

All five members of the band – Vedder, guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard, bassist Jeff Ament and drummer Matt Cameron – donated $14,000 each (anonymously, apart from Gossard) to the GoFundMe campaign aimed at helping Hawaiian sailor Keith Baxter, who suffered a gruesome injury last year, recover.

Around 2001, Baxter saved the life of Vedder and two friends when a six-man canoe they had been paddling in overturned in the ocean after its mast snapped. He and his daughter Ashley had been sailing nearby when they heard voices calling for help, after the singer and his party had been stranded for nearly two hours.

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Eddie Vedder performing live at the 2016 Global Citizen Festival held in Central Park, New York, United States - Saturday 24th September 2016

Eddie Vedder and Yusuf/cat Stevens
Eddie Vedder and Yusuf/cat Stevens
Eddie Vedder

Pearl Jam Cover Frozen's 'Let It Go'. And It's Brilliant.

Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder

Seattle rockers Pearl Jam covered the smash hit Disney track ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen during a gig a Milan’s Stadio San Siro on Friday night (June 20, 2014). The band played their own take of the song during an extended version of their own track ‘Daughter’.

FrozenPearl Jam covered 'Let It Go' From 'Frozen'

Originally recorded by Broadway star Idina Menzel, who voices Queen Elsa in the animated movie. Since it’s release last year, Frozen has become the highest grossing animation of all time and the fifth highest grossing movie of all time. It follows fearless optimist Anna who teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey in Everest-like conditions to find Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. Oh, and a snow named Olaf is along for the ride.

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Made In America Trailer

Made in America Festival is an annual music event founded by rapper and businessman Jay-Z in 2012. Following its inaugural year, it was announced to take place in Los Angeles for the later events and its arrival has since become an important symbol of unity. Jay-Z created the festival in a bid to join together musicians of all genres, creeds and cultures to emphasise the bond between music-lovers regardless of any animosity that may have existed between hip hop artists, rock artists and pop artists in the past. It is an attempt to build a world of peace and diversity because, in the words of Run DMC star Darryl McDaniels, 'Music succeeds where politics and religion fail'.

'Made In America' is a music documentary based on the new festival of the same name founded by Jay-Z who is also the movie's executive producer. It has been directed by double Oscar winner Ron Howard ('The Da Vinci Code', 'Apollo 13', 'Rush', 'A Beautiful Mind') and features behind-the-scenes clips and interviews of various music superstars including Run DMC, Rita Ora, Kanye West, Janelle Monáe, Tyler The Creator, Skrillex, Santigold and The Hives. The film premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival and was nominated for 'Outstanding Television Documentary' at the Black Reel Awards.

Made In America is available on VOD and DVD 19 May 2014

Pearl Jam's New Album 'Lightning Bolt' Hits: Verdict?

Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder

Rockers Pearl Jam have finally released their first album in four years, 22 years after their debut album Ten was released in 1991. Such a remarkable decade-spanning career in alternative rock is admirable, not to mention not losing any members, not selling out, and no major inter-band fight implosions.

Eddie Vedder
Eddie Vedder's Back After His Ukulele Break.

The first single from Lightning Bolt, 'Mind Your Manners,' was released in July and brought three-minute, full-thrash and sing-along punk under a fast and shouty tirade from lead singer Eddie Vedder about religion. The song provides contrast against the more 80s power ballad stylings of 'Siren' and the REM 90s rock nods of 'Swallowed Whole.'

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Grammys Week Tribute For Bruce Springsteen Features Neil Young, Mumford And Sons

Bruce Springsteen Elton John Mumford And Sons Jon Stewart Kenny Chesney Alabama Shakes Patti Smith Faith Hill Emmylou Harris Eddie Vedder Neil Young Tony Bennett Aretha Franklin Sir Paul McCartney Bono

All eyes will be on Bruce Springsteen during Grammy’s week, as the New Jersey rocker will be the recipient of the MusiCares Person of the Year award. To celebrate the honour, a Bruce Springsteen tribute concert will take place in Los Angeles on February 8, 2013, featuring some of the biggest names in rock and pop and hosted by Jon Stewart.

The event, which is already sold out, will feature musical highlights such as Elton John, Kenny Chesney and Mumford And Sons. A whole host of musicians of varying genres and eras have been included in the line-up. Patti Smith, with whom Bruce co-wrote the hit ‘Because The Night’ will be there, as will Faith Hill, Emmylou Harris, as well as Alabama Shakes, Eddie Vedder and Neil Young. Proceeds for the concert will go to MusiCares, an organisation set up to provide support for struggling musicians in financial, medical and personal need.

The annual MusiCares Person of the Year award is attributed to a star whose artistic accomplishments are as worthy of merit as their philanthropic work. Previous winners of the award include Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin, Paul McCartney and Bono.

West Of Memphis Review


Corruption, self-interest and rampant bigotry are so clearly portrayed in this riveting documentary that if it doesn't make you angry, maybe there's something wrong with you. As filmmaker Amy Berg explores a shocking case from Arkansas, the intractability of the American legal system is highlighted with a lucid and engaging account of the facts. And it's such a skilfully shot and edited film that it leaves us in no doubt about the truth.

At the centre is a multiple murder in May 1993, which the police claimed was the result of a satanic ritual. So they arrested three goth teens whose counter-culture lifestyle made them seem like the logical suspects. After the trial, Echols was sentenced to death, while Baldwin and Misskelley received life sentences.  But observers noticed a string of anomalies in the case: the three 8-year-old victims were not acually killed in an occultic way, and there was plenty of proof that the three teen convicts were innocent. For nearly 20 years the cause of the "West Memphis Three" was taken up by lawyers and celebrities around the world. But the Arkansas court has refused to examine new DNA evidence and would only let the three now-men out of prison if they acknowledged their guilt.

Filmmaker Berg has a huge archive of material at her disposal, including footage from the original police investigation, press coverage, video of the trials and extensive interviews with everyone involved. Assembled together this gives us a remarkable big picture of the chain of events, not only letting us see that these three convicted murderers are innocent but hinting at who the real killer might be. The fact that the court still won't hear the facts is so mind-boggling that we begin to worry if the system in West Memphis is capable of justice at all. Especially when police and prosecutors so obviously twist the evidence away from the facts.

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Eddie Vedder Raises $1.7million For Obama Re-Election Campaign

Eddie Vedder James Taylor Neil Young

Eddie Vedder performed one of his most expensive gigs to date, with tickets going for $20,000 per-person as he opened up for President Barrack Obama at a private fundraising event for the President's re-election campaign.

Dressed in a suit and strumming a mandolin, this was by far one of Vedder's more unconventional performances as he serenaded the President and the 85 guests in attendance at the home of signer-songwriter Don Miggs and Lisa DeBartolo. DeBartolo is the daughter of Edward J DeBartolo Jr, the former owner of the San Francisco 49ers, and runs the family's charitable foundation that regularly runs fundraisers for the Democratic Party.

Vedder performed two Pearl Jam songs, 'Rise' and 'Without You,' before playing two covers, first James Taylor's 'Millworker and Neil Young's 'Rockin' in the Free World.' The rocker then went on to discuss one of Republican candidate Mitt Romney's comments on the '47 percent', referring to his own experiences in the past.

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Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who Review

"From humble beginnings to their meteoric rise to rock legend status," Amazing Journey offers everything we've come to expect from a rock documentary. Every piece of information you'd want about The Who can be found here. Early hits like "I Can't Explain" and "My Generation" are chronicled, as is Pete Townshend's instrumental destruction (which has since become a widely copied cliche). Each member of the band gets face time -- though John Entwhistle and Keith Moon, both deceased, are covered via archival material -- in order to pontificate on the band's origins and legendary stories. Non-Who rock gods, from Sting to Eddie Vedder, are also on hand to wax Whoish.

You really hear all there is to know about The Who along the way: from Tommy to two drug overdoses to the influence of guru Meher Baba (the "Baba" in "Baba O'Reilly") to the 11 people killed at a 1979 Who concert trampled trying to get into the show, still the deadliest concert event in American history. Even Townsend's run-in with the law over a child pornography incident earlier in the decade is covered, if only on a surface level.

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Made In America Trailer

Made In America Trailer

Made in America Festival is an annual music event founded by rapper and businessman Jay-Z...

West of Memphis Movie Review

West of Memphis Movie Review

Corruption, self-interest and rampant bigotry are so clearly portrayed in this riveting documentary that if...