EDDIE VAN HALEN has been remembered on what would've been his 67th birthday.

The Van Halen star passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer in October 2020 at the age of 65, and his family and friends have taken to social media to the recall their happy memories of the music legend.

Eddie's son Wolfgang Van Halen wrote: "Happy birthday, Pop. I love and miss you more than you could ever know."

The late star's brother Alex Van Halen - who plays drums in the band - wrote: "Hey Ed, Happy birthday! May your light never dim. Love you, miss you and btw... Wolf is killin' it. (sic)"

Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony added: "Happy birthday Ed, I miss ya brother! You were such a huge part of my life, I will always celebrate and wave the VH flag high!! (sic)"

In August, Eddie's son Wolfgang admitted the death of his father - who was ranked number eight in Rolling Stone magazine's list of 100 greatest guitarists - "still didn't feel real".

He wrote on Instagram: "I’ve had so many dreams lately where Pop and I are just doing normal things and then I realize it’s a dream, stop whatever I’m doing and hug him for as long as I can until I wake up.

"I miss the f*** out of him. I can’t believe he’s not here anymore. Still doesn’t feel real. I’m doing my best, Pop (sic)."

Wolfgang previously insisted it was important for him to "be his own person" on his debut album 'Mammoth WVH', and admitted he finds songwriting "really therapeutic".

He said: "It's as personal as can be. Songwriting is a really therapeutic thing for me, so I was working out a lot of stuff with these songs.

"Most of my lyrics are written at something or someone. It's almost like an amalgamation of ... You know how you always win arguments in the shower? It's like that.

"It's like anybody who's ever done me wrong or used me, or lied to me, amalgamate into this one being that I write lyrics at."