Eddie Redmayne caused no surprise when he landed the award for Best Actor at the 2015 Oscars, following his role as a young Stephen Hawking in his epic biopic 'The Theory Of Everything' which had already won him a BAFTA and a Golden Globe.

Eddie Redmayne at the 2015 Oscars
Eddie Redmayne wins Best Actor

It was a foreseeable win, and one that Hawking himself has admitted he's very proud of for Redmayne. We were, of course, already aware of his extraordinary talents before he was cast in the movie, following appearances in 'Les Miserables' and 'My Week With Marilyn', but even before then he was gluing people to screens with his early performances. These are four movies starring Eddie Redmayne that you probably haven't seen, but definitely should:

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1. 'Like Minds' - Redmayne's full-length film debut, 2006's 'Like Minds' sees him portray a complex character, who invites both pity and suspicion in a challenging situation. Alex Forbes is unwittingly thrust together with fellow boarding school pupil named Nigel Colbie, who introduces his unnerved friend to a world of morbid fascination. When Nigel is subsequently found dead, Alex is forced to protest his innocence, but by now he is so far into Nigel's creepy world, it's difficult to know whether or not he's telling the truth.

2. 'Savage Grace' - In 2007, he starred alongside Julianne Moore (who, interestingly enough, also won her first Oscar this year for her role in 'Still Alice') in this even more shocking true story drama. Once again, he plays a man accused of murder, this time of his mother Barbara Daly Baekeland, with whom he has been having a sickening incestuous relationship with. Antony is also schizophrenic, which adds another complicated dimension to the character - and is another example of Redmayne's ability to invoke a variety of emotion in his observer, from pity and understanding to disgust and fear.

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3. 'Black Death' - Avoiding the dangers of typecasting, Redmayne went on to appear in this 2009 gothic horror, co-starring Sean Bean and Kimberley Nixon. Playing a monk named Osmund, he decides to leave behind the monastery in favour of love. However, the land becomes infected by a deadly plague that takes his lover's life before he can join her. Not only that, but there's a witch out to cause chaos in the village, and he must defend God in new ways to bring her to justice.

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4. 'Glorious 39' - A very British thriller starring David Tennant, Juno Temple, Christopher Lee and Bill Nighy, 'Glorious 39' saw Redmayne in another dubious role. There's another death, and while it is an apparent suicide, it provokes suspicion within the family involved. Redmayne's character Ralph appears to be perfectly normal, though he soon becomes the object of his sister's suspicion when strange, incriminating recordings are found featuring his voice. Possibly the best example of Redmayne's ability to fool his audience.