British actor/comedian Eddie Izzard plans to expand his language skills by translating his stand-up show into Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

The funnyman tested out his French by performing entire shows in the language in 2011, and he is currently performing a similar feat in Germany.

Izzard, who ends a six-week run of his German show in Berlin later this month (Feb14), has now revealed he wants to push his language-learning skills to the maximum by performing shows in Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish.

He tells Britain's The Independent newspaper, "All great science starts with a theory. I predicted I could make them laugh in French and in German, and I proved myself right. They dug it in France and they dig it here (in Germany), unless they're all lying to me. Now I predict I can make them laugh in Spanish and Russian and Arabic and then, maybe once I'm into old age, in Chinese."