Eddie Cibrian has denied his ex-wife Brandi Glanville’s furious claim he had an affair with his ‘The Cave’ co-star Piper Perabo.

Reality TV’s Brandi, 50, who had a bitter split from 49-year-old Eddie in 2010 after he had a fling with singer Leann Rimes, 40, branded Piper, 46, a “horrible c***” on Tuesday (20.12.22) and accused her of flirting with Eddie in front of her.

She added to Page Six she “heard a lot of things” about the pair and had been told Piper and Eddie “were f******”.

Eddie later told DailyMail.com on Tuesday the claim left him saddened and insisted it was false.

He said: “I’m sad I have to address this – I really believed that we had come a long way, but this was untrue 19 years ago and it’s untrue now.

“Just because someone thinks something might be true does not make it true. This is all so unnecessary.

“Fun times at the Christmas table await.”

Brandi had said: “They (Eddie and Piper) did a movie together and Mason (her son) was one year old and I went to the set and it was in another country, Romania, I think, and (Piper) was a horrible c*** to me.

“She was flirting with Eddie, like, right in front of me. I was like, ‘Am I here? Am I the only person (seeing this)? Like, what is happening?’”

Eddie and Brandi were married for eight years when his romance with LeAnn started while they were working on the 2009 TV film ‘Northern Lights’.

Brandi has said she wanted to “kill” the singer for cheating with Eddie, saying about their life together: “Eddie and I got along great and had the best sex life. I was madly in love and felt like I had the perfect life.”

She later said she has finally been able to put her anger in the past and is now she and LeAnn are like “sister wives” who “get along really well”.

Eddie and Brandi share Mason, now 19, and a younger son named Jake, 15.

They eventually divorced in 2010, with Eddie marrying LeAnn in 2011.