Ed Westwick's style is ''more relaxed'' since 'Gossip Girl'.

The 26-year-old actor was cast as sharply dressed teenager Chuck Bass in the hit TV series, which saw him don an array of well-fitted suits with snazzy ties and shirts for glamorous parties, but now opts for a more casual look since the show ended in 2012.

He told InStyle magazine: ''[My style is] relaxed. I live in Los Angeles and it's so laid-back - and hot - I hang around in flip-flops and a t-shirt. I've let the sartorial side of myself down a bit. I'm a rougher around the edges.

''Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a well-cut suit. During the 'Gossip Girl' days, I'd go to fashion shows and smarten up. In general, New York is more edgy in terms of fashion.''

Ed enjoys splashing out on a leather jacket and considers it a wardrobe staple.

He explained: ''I've always been a big fan of leather jackets. I've just bought a vintage one by Wood Wood. It's from his shop in Los Angeles, Shaeffer's. I could happily spend every penny I have in there - and often do.''