Despite leaving school at 16, Ed Sheeran can now add ‘Doctor’ to his title, after receiving an honorary doctorate degree for his "outstanding contribution to music" from University Campus Suffolk. Accepting the honour, Sheeran shared some words of wisdom with the students, saying that degrees 'aren't essential’ for everybody.

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Sheeran’s parents were both on hand to watch as their son collected the honorary degree at Ipswich town hall on Monday. Addressing the crowd Sheeran said, "I'm not really the poster boy for education and I don't know if I can give advice on that side of things.”

"I chose something I love and worked hard at it and didn't really listen to anyone who told me I couldn't do something. There's no key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everyone so make sure you please yourself.”

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"Choose something you love and work hard at it and you'll be surprised how far you can get,” the 24 year old added. Later in the day he also rubbished rumours that he was set to play Glastonbury next year, saying he wants to have at least three or four albums under his belt before he headlines the festival.

Speaking to the Press Association before the degree ceremony, Sheeran also encouraged young people to 'chill', when it comes to thinking about higher education and instead take some time to travel and find out what they really want to do.

"I think there is a lot of pressure among young people. I definitely found it at school,” Sheeran said. "When I was at school it was pretty much like - you do your GCSEs, you do your A-levels, you go to university, you find a job, and then you find out what you want to do. That doesn't always work out for everyone”

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“I don't necessarily think university is what you have to do to get a job. I know that's a weird thing to say coming to receive a doctorate but I think there's a lot of pressure on kids to go to university, then a lot of them end up in debt with a degree they didn't really need to get the job they want.”

"I think we should encourage kids to chill a bit more. You don't have to go to university at 18, you can go off and travel for a year.Thailand's super cheap, you can get beers for like 15p. Just go and find yourself there. Hang out with people of a similar age and grow,” the singer added.

Watch Ed Sheeran’s advice for students here: