Ed Sheeran's wife has launched her own business.

Cherry Seaborn - who has daughters Lyra and Jupiter with the singer/songwriter - has registered the retail brand Babes In Armour with Companies House.

According to documents launched by Cherry, the company could sell products such as toiletries, lingerie and maternity wear.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Cherry has a career of her own and isn’t interested in Ed’s fame. Ed loves that she has her own passions.

"Babes In Armour was an idea she had with a friend, costume designer Jemima Penny and there are lots of possibilities.

"They have registered the name and are working out the finer details of what their new business will be. It’s very exciting."

Ed, 32, and Cherry, 31, first met when they were at school together and reconnected in 2015.

They tied the knot in 2019 and Ed has previously insisted Cherry is not interested in fame.

He told 'The Elvis Duran Morning Show': "We've talked about this a lot, whether we can close the door after we've opened it a little bit. She’s always been a private person.

“She’s never had a public Instagram. She’s never done a red carpet with me. We’ve always been super private.

“Our private life is our private life.”

However, Cherry did appear in Ed's documentary 'Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All ' and while she was happy to take part, Ed insisted she had no plans to seek out the limelight.

He explained: "I think that for my kids to look back in 40 years and see their parents in love, going through life or their grandparents, I think there's something in that.

"[Cherry's] trying to just block it out and ignore it, I think. Everyone kind of respects that, I think, the door is closed again now 'cause she's not someone that you're suddenly going to see pop up on a panel show here and doing this and doing that."