While Taylor Swift relaxes from her busy schedule by making Drake-themed crafts for Ed Sheeran, her BFF just launched a new MTV docuseries. Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran premiered last night on the music network and. It’s meant to give fans an inside look into the life of the redheaded songwriter – though how a documentary could reveal any more about Sheeran than his Instagram feed does, we’re not sure.

Ed Sheeran
On his new album, Sheeran experiments with hip hop, a move he's very nervous about.

The singer-songwriter is stepping in front of MTV’s cameras to show and tell the story of his quick ascent to stardom, as well as promote his upcoming sophomore studio effort, x, out June 23.

Ed Sheeran
The singer-songwriter wants to have a lasting career, but is worried about being a one-hit wonder.

The documentary features collaborators like Pharrell Williams and Taylor Swift (of course) and reveals some of Sheeran’s major influences. It turns out that Sheeran was inspired by the fan interactions of Damien Rice and almost envied Eminem’s lyrical prowess. "It's interesting because he's a singer-songwriter, and he's kicking everybody's ass," says Pharrell, who collaborated with him for his album's lead single, Sing. Viewers will get to witness the entire process of making the song, from working on it in the studio, to Sheeran’s anxiety just before the release and his relief when the positive feedback from fans started flooding in.

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Pharrell Williams
With a hitmaker like Pharrell, however, Sheeran's music was in safe hands.

The documentary airs Tuesday, June 10 at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.