There was some seriously electric chemistry between Ed Sheeran and James Corden on his latest 'Carpool Karaoke' segment for 'The Late Late Show', where the pair harmonised with each other perfectly to some of the former's greatest singles - along with a couple of other pop hits.

Ed Sheeran performs on the 'Today' showEd Sheeran performs on the 'Today' show

It's the episode we've all been waiting for, seeing James Corden picking up Ed Sheeran in downtown LA on his way to work on the pretence that the latter left his guitar at James' house. In reality, the guitar was there to make Ed feel a little more comfortable with the journey ahead, as he later revealed.

They kick off with one of his latest singles 'Shape Of You', with Ed demonstrating their serious bromance and casually feeling up James' thigh ('I told you it's a sexy song!' James exclaims). Then Ed opens up about his hiatus and the sad reason why he has forsaken his mobile phone.

'I actually don't have a phone anymore. I had a phone for like two weeks and then I just didn't charge it', he said. 'But it's just what it would've been like 30 years ago for my parents. I'd wake up every morning and there'd be like 50 messages and none of them would say, 'Hey, how are you?', it would be like, 'Can I have this?', 'Can you lend me this?', 'Can you do this?', 'Can I get this?' and it was fine at the beginning but it just got really, really draining.'

The went on to perform a rendition of 'Sing', James impressing Ed with his well-rehearsed lyrics, and later Ed impressing James by fitting 55 Maltesers into his mouth breaking his previous record of 47. They also sang 'Thinking Out Loud', and Justin Bieber's 'Love Yourself' after Ed shared a particularly funny story about his fellow popstar.

'I was in Tokyo the other day and Bieber was there', he said. 'Just him, no security or anything. He came to this really filthy dive bar. We ended up at this golf course and he put a golf ball in his mouth and said, 'Go on, hit it out!' and I was pretty hammered. I was like, 'Focus, focus, focus, you can't hit him, you can't hit him'. I had this driving wedge [and] I cracked him across the face.'

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James and Ed also sang 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction and 'Castle On The Hill', ending on a little jam about the traffic.