Ed Sheeran doesn't have "that many famous mates".

The 'Bad Habits' hitmaker - whose famous pals include Courteney Cox and James Blunt - might be the biggest star in the world but he has insisted there are only "three or four" celebrities that he's really "close" to and can rely on.

Appearing on ITV's 'Lorraine', the 30-year-old singer - who has daughter Lyra, 10 months, with childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn - said: "Weirdly, I've actually got like not that many famous mates, I mean I've got like, probably like close, close famous mates, maybe like three or four really close ones.

"But most of my friends are all the people I went to school with, like me and Cherry both went to school together in Suffolk, and all of our mates are in the same circle and they all live in Suffolk as well and our parents lived there and our mates' parents live there.

" But If I'm in Los Angeles, there are close people there that I can rely on or call on."

Meanwhile, the Grammy-winner recently shared how his pal James Blunt's album 'Back to Bedlam' soundtracked his baby girl's birth.

The 'A Team' hitmaker has been pals with the 'You're Beautiful' hitmaker for a few years now, and he and his spouse share a special bond with the 47-year-old singer-songwriter and his wife Sofia Wellesley.

And Ed, with the permission of his other half, shared the touching story of how they played James' 2004 album in the delivery room as they awaited the arrival of their first child in September.

While co-hosting BBC Radio 2 with Jo Whiley this week, Ed shared: "I actually asked Cherry if it was OK to talk about because it's such a personal moment. You said what was on the playlist for Lyra's birth. We both were big fans of James growing up and I've been friends with him for a few years. He came on tour with us and Cherry got really close with his wife and we are now very good family friends. And we find it quite weird because we love his music so much. We put on 'Back to Bedlam' in the delivery room and the album finished as Lyra was being delivered."

Another song that is close to Ed's heart is James' 2019 ballad 'The Greatest', which is dedicated to his own two sons, the eldest of whom Ed is godfather to.