Ed Sheeran headlined the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival this weekend and you'd be hard-pushed to find a more rocking acoustic set anywhere. To a 200,000 strong crowd, he played a mixture of his biggest hits as well as the lesser known numbers from the likes of 'Divide' and 'X'. 

Ed Sheeran performing back in 2015Ed Sheeran performing back in 2015

It was the perfect way to end the last Glastonbury for two years, with the festival expected to return to Worthy Farm bigger and better than ever before in 2019.

1. Castle on the Hill - Ed opened his set with a rousing rendition of this; one of his first singles in two years. It's a song about childhood reflection and sees him looking back on simpler times with old friends in the small town of Framlingham, Suffolk where he grew up.

2. The A Team - He really got the crowd singing along to this 2011 classic. For his performance of his moving debut single, he lit the audience up by encouraging them to wave their phone torches. Naturally, that wasn't the last song from first album '+' that he played that night.

3. Bloodstream - This one had the crowd truly bouncing along. He originally released it as a single with Rudimental in 2015 with it reaching number two in the UK charts. It featured on his second album 'X' and definitely came across as a crowd favourite.

4. Galway Girl - Ed seemed to suggest that the majority of people wouldn't like this one. It's his latest single and admittedly didn't do quite as well in the charts as 'Shape of You' and 'Castle on the Hill', but he was wrong to think his audience wouldn't have a lot of fun with this romantic ditty.

5. Lego House - The singer had a bit of call-and-response fun with his third single - another track that the crowd knew like the backs of their hands. It's nice to see Ed's still enjoying playing his older acoustic numbers too, though the audience did a smidge more singing than himself.

6. Take It Back - He hasn't played it since he took his hiatus, but this 'X' bonus track is an amazing example of just how diverse Ed can be. Few full-time rappers can spit quite as fast as this redheaded icon. Plus, he turned it into a medley with snippets of a cover of Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition' and of Bill Withers' 'Ain't No Sunshine'.

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7. Nancy Mulligan - This folk number is, Ed confesses, his favourite song to perform. For this song (which was a bonus track on the deluxe edition of 'Divide') he brought in a very talented set of traditional Irish folk musicians and seemed to dedicate it to his grandfather who was enjoying his first ever festival at Glasto.