Yahoo are taking part in an initiative called Digital NewFronts. This is where leading digital media companies host give presentation of their new shows. The bottom line? Advertising bucks.

"Tonight is about three things: innovation, premium content and advertising performance," said Meyer at the opening, disagreeing with our bottom line statement. The true goal of the evening was to tempt high-paying advertisers. But what are the shows about, that’s what we want to know. Well there’s Tiny Commando, which was created by The Office star Ed Helms, who’ll be teaming up with Chuck's Zachary Levi and Community's Gillian Jacobs to star the series about a four-inch-tall private investigator. "I don't just play a nerd in the Hangover movies," said Helms. "I am a nerd. I grew up playing with radio-controlled cars. It allows me to get into the fantasy world." Then there’s Losing Your Virginity With John Stamos, featuring the actor interviewing celebrities about their first sexual experiences. "I was going to pitch it to a network," said Stamos. Spurlock responded that "there was only one place that would put that on," before belting out a "Yahoooo" yell. "We're going to do re-enactments (of celebrity first sexual experiences) with puppets, Barbies, animation," said Stamos.

Yahoo are making competitive strides into the TV market. They’re hosting all 38 seasons of Saturday Night Live starting in September. And beginning this summer, Yahoo will join up with WWE to host a Monday Night Raw pre-show.

Ed HelmsEd Helms puts his serious face on