Review of Apple Of My Eye Single by Ed Harcourt

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3. Ed Harcourt Apple Of My Eye (12" - Heavenly)
He may not have been amongst the favourites to win the prize, but the fact that relative newcomer Ed Harcourt made the Mercury shortlist last year was proof enough that he must be doing something right.
Sounding vocally somewhere between Tom Waits and Ian Mcculloch, he returns in optimistic style with Apple Of My Eye, an uplifting piano laden observation, with a fully sing along chorus and enough oomph to get his live audiences screaming and throwing their pants.
Just to demonstrate his ability to tackle the unexpected, he throws in a couple of previously unreleased tracks, the full on head banging Led Zepplin stylee Alligator Boy which couldnt sound any less like his usual self, and Weary and Bleary Eyed, an oom-pah ode with theatrical brasses.