Actor/director Ed Burns is already planning next Christmas (12) - he's making a holiday film for the end of the year.
The Saving Private Ryan star is working on a new movie called Fitzgerald's Family Christmas, which he insists will be like his cult directorial debut The Brothers MCMullen, but set during the holidays.
Burns tells WENN, "It's about a big Irish Catholic family out on Long Island. Mike MCGlone from The Brothers MCMullen is in it. It's seven adult siblings from Long Island and their parents got divorced when they were kids and the father now wants to return to the family's home for Christmas dinner.
"Half of the siblings still love him and half of them hate him and want nothing to do with him. The mother hates the father most of all and refuses to have him over for Christmas and the family has to figure out a way to convince the other siblings and their mom to let dad spend Christmas with them."
And Burns admits the story is a familiar one for him: "I know enough funny Christmas stories that deal with families that I was able to pull enough funny incidents out of it."