Review of Shatterproof Album by Echaskech

An Album Review of Shatterproof by, London based ambient duo, Echaskech.

Echaskech Shatterproof Album

Londoners Dom Hoare and Andy Gillham are 'Echaskech' and release 'Shatterproof' on Just Records. If you want to hear good music right now listen to 'Shatterproof' it's on it! I was pleasantly surprised to hear this.

I don't know a thing about this duo, all I know it's seriously progressive. A culmination of innovative sounds with old school dance and techno influences.

With the aplomb of great production they've created a classy album, right up there with dons Boards Of Canada. It could be heavy on the senses for the old time listeners of dance music, the ones at the after party coming down to natural states of tranquillity with profound intensity. All in a progressive sense of course. That's why I'm buying the album.

I'm impressed with use of digital production, captivating the ambience and electro feel at the heart of the mix. It's impressive and that's definitely to do with the influences. You can hear elements of Radiohead, Orbital, Leftfield and with Echaskech's own touch it really makes it stand out from the crowd. The only pop I can hear here is Gary Newman. It's not for the throw out the bag users.

What a great listen 'Shatterproof' is! Proper progressive and cool at the same time. Electro house, ambient, breakbeat are blended in the Echaskech mix and for me they have created a stand out album. I'm sure there's more from this duo to come. Respect!

Tareck Ghoneim