Rock The Bells festival kicked off this weekend in Los Angeles and saw the return of two hip-hop legends, Eazy- E and ODB. Yes, they are no longer alive but that didn't stop hologram images of the two deceased rappers being the main attractions this weekend.

Rock The Bells, billed it as a 'virtual performance' and on Saturday night, a surge of hip-hop fans rushed into the festival as the heavily anticipated return of Easy-E with a reunion with his protégés 'Bone Thug N Harmony' was approaching.

A hologram of the fallen N.W.A member beckoned the stage to a loud response from the packed-in crowd at the San Manuel Amphitheater. The Los Angeles Time reported, "Hologram Eazy, as we'll call him, did however feel noticeably disproportionate in comparison to his protégés onstage, not that the audience seemed to care judging from the applause, bewildered expresses that dotted the crowd and the audible gasps that rang out". The reincarnation of Eazy-E was a success and well-received by the crowd but what were his family's thoughts?

Eazy-E's son and fellow rapper Lil Eazy shared his initial thoughts in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, "It was a beautiful performance, a beautiful scene of work that we put together," he also expressed joy as "[he's] finally glad that [his] father [was honored] on stage and stood in the forefront".

Eazy-E who died in 1995, performed his verse from 'Straight Outta Compton' as well as his solo track 'Boyz-N-The-Hood' and before disappearing he performed on Bone Thugs 'Foe Tha Love of Money'.

OBD's return was on Sunday and he reunited with Wu-Tang Clan to close out the festival and the crowd's reaction was very similar to the reaction they gave Eazy-E, mobile phone lights flooded the crowd along with their gasped looks of amazement as they saw ODB perform nearly nine years after his death (2004). The rapper's widow slammed the idea at the beginning of the project as we reported she filed a 'Cease and Disist order' against Rock of Bells when they annouced the 'visual performance'.

ODB peformed alongside Wu-Tang Cln members performing 'Shame on a Nigga' and 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya', which also featured his son, 'Young Dirty Bastard'.

Eazy-E died at the age of 31 on March 26th 1995 from 'complications with AIDS' and ODB lost his life November 13th 2004 after collapsing from a drug overdose.

wu tang clan
Wu Tang Clan performed alongsid OBD's hologram at Rock the Bells