Easyworld Interview with Glenn Hooper

06 September 2004


Easyworld Interview with Glenn Hooper

Interview with Glenn Hooper

It’s been a busy time for Easyworld, what with promoting their new single, ‘How Did It Ever Come to This?’, and playing the festivals (they recently played both Chelmsford and Stafford camps for V). Contactmusic caught up with drummer Glenn Hooper to see how they were getting on, and has a lot of ‘sitting in traffic what with the bad weather and all’ has dampened their spirits?

Easyworld Interview with Glenn Hooper

Apparently not it seems, as Glenn confirms that ‘everything is going OK’ and that playing random festivals to random people is fine by them, with a genuine enthusiasm even for playing to a varied audience. ‘Festivals are great fun’; so, that’s a yes then to whether they’re enjoying the festivals. He goes on to add, ‘it’s a chance to get in front of a mixed crowd of people, some who are there ‘cos they love you and some who were there simply because they were passing the tent at the time and curious, very exciting!’

Of course, playing festivals around the country involves a large amount of travelling, so I ask him about what’s typically on the van stereo. It’s interesting to learn that each band member has very individual tastes, so there isn’t really such a thing as an on-the-road CD collection; ‘most of the time we tend to listen to music individually in the van these days on personal stereos, etc’. This would of course explain how the Moody Blues ended up on the van stereo, and Glenn sees is as quite amusing. When it comes to his own tastes and influences, he’s got a massive range and admits to being ‘just a sucker for good tunes’. These good tunes include tunes by sixties’ legends The Kinks, to more modern bands like The Killers, Athlete, and Ben Folds.

One thing that the band are keen to make clear is that they’re eager to stay true to the ‘no hype, no bullshit, just great music that connects’ motto and Glenn reckons that the band have achieved it ‘for sure’. The increasing corporatisation of the music industry, bands, and artists is an issue the whole band feels very strongly about, and is reflected in the topic of the current single. ‘It’s a difficult thing these days to find honest music that hasn’t been tainted by a money hungry record company, but he states that he thinks the band have come out of the process fairly untainted. ‘Everything the band stands for and wants to say is expressed in the work we produce’.

Talking of money hungry record companies, you get the impression that Glenn doesn’t take too kindly to Easyworld’s music being put into categories – even though they themselves call it rock. He asserts that ‘it’s always hard to pigeon hole music into categories and given the choice we wouldn’t at all but people need a tag these days it seems’. ‘Rock is a big genre’ was the response I got when I asked him about quite a lot of the Easyworld stuff being sweet and angelic as opposed to rock.

Ask him about a few of the things he likes, though – such as his favourite place to gig, or what the highlight of the year has been so far – and it’s a different story. I discover that he ‘really love[s] playing in Newcastle’ and that gigs are always great there; ‘the people are lovely and it just seems that the music scene means more to them up there’. He says that the twin highlights of the year were the V festivals they played very recently although the February album tour ‘meant a lot to me, we are very proud of it’.

There’s a spark of energy that runs throughout Easyworld, and at least Glenn isn’t adverse to a bit of self-deprecation. He jokes that when the band rehearse, ‘we seem to spend 30% of our time playing our songs, 30% drinking tea, and the remaining 40% playing covers we like!!!’ before declaring with a smile: ‘pro till the end!’ This is how the live cover of Blazin’ Squad’s version of ‘Crossroads’ came about, or as Glenn puts it: ‘certain songs just seem to cry out’ for the Easyworld treatment.

So, there you have it, Easyworld are going down a treat around the country and having a ball whilst they’re doing it. They live from day to day and don’t really plan anything, as anything they do plan ‘has a habit of changing or being cancelled’. Despite not having an plans for the rest of the year, all members of the band keep themselves busy – very busy in fact. Glenn and Jo are about to open and DJ at Eastbourne’s first indie/alternative club called Sabortage, which is opening on the 17 th of this month. All in all, ‘it’s all rock and roll’ in the Easyworld.


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