Easyworld - Interview

11 March 2004

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Easyworld - Interview

We caught up with the band after the gig…

It was a great show tonight, how did you feel it went?

Jo – Yeah, it was good. The reaction was good and it’s a nice venue size wise...

Glenn – yeah we got it right tonight

It’s been a massive tour, how are you feeling now its coming to an end?

Glenn – Generally run down, we haven’t had a break since 7th January, but it’s been great

Jo – Great apart from a bit of a cold.

The album has been getting some great reviews, how much does that mean to you? The poster campaign kind of suggests you take it with a pinch of salt…

Dav – It’s always nice to be appreciated or even see the interesting and witty ways to slag us off, but at the end of the day I don’t really see why one person’s opinion is more valuable than someone else’s. Just because you listen to a lot of music it doesn’t necessarily mean your opinion matters more.

Easyworld - Interview
Easyworld - Interview
Easyworld - Interview

So the reaction of the audience means more than that of the critics then?

Dav – not particularly, it might sound very arrogant but I think that what matters most is what we think of it. We don’t always play what the audience want to hear because I think if you want to hear a selection of tracks in a certain way then make a compilation cd…the whole thing about live things is that you do what you do and believe you are the best you can be at any one time and have the conviction that it was the best it could be at that time.

Jo, how do you find being surrounded by all the boys for such a long time?

Jo – I love being with the boys, they’re better fun than girls. I’m not a girly girl at all. Our tour manager Jo’s not girly girl either so its been great.

Eastbourne isn’t renowned for churning out the cream of musical talent, what would you say were your major influences?

Jo – mine would be Mansun and Scissor Sisters I think.

Glenn – I would say, for me, it’s Benfolds 5 and Athlete, as you can see from the t-shirt and Dav’s would be REM, Wheezer, Tom Waits and Ryan Adams.

Dav – yeah Tom Waits, he’s one of the best lyric writers I can think of…

Jo – he sounds like a bin man…

Dav – no, not a bin man, just like he’s been run over by a Marlboro lorry! And I like the saddened passion of Ryan Adams and Wheezer just because they rock and they’re fun, with scope to be introverted with all kinds of vulnerable.

How you found the leap from Fierce Panda to Jive, is it nice to have that extra support?

Dav – we weren’t ever really on Fierce Panda, it’s not really like an normal record company. They don’t offer support in a ‘throwing bucket loads of money at you’ kind of way, but it’s rather a mutual ‘let’s do it’ kind of thing. It’s a bedroom record company but not in a bedroom.

Interview by Jude Stone & Jemma Volp Fletcher


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