Eastern Lane

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Eastern Lane - Night and Day Caf - Live Review

Eastern Lane

Night and Day Caf


Three piece band The Maker opened the night, with their epic tunes such as "I'm So in Love With You" completing the lively but lyrically personal set. Despite their lively presence, they could not coax the crowd further forward than the bar, and those near the stage stayed

Eastern Lane - Night and Day Caf - Live Review

safely put in their seats, clearly awaiting the main band.

If The Maker could not muster a crowd, more melancholic band The Tenderfoot certainly had their work cut out for them, as they modestly played through their Morrissey tinged offerings, including the more brashly titled "You're the Last Person I Want to See Right Now"sounding as though the support bands had swapped songs for the night. The music was accompanied by polite and modest gratitude, thanking us for coming and appreciating a support band. It was as though they expected to come to play to a closed venue.

At last it was time for Eastern Lane, who made a rather nonchalant entrance, it soon became clear however that bored they were not, rather they need not use a thousand words to get their message across, preferring to focus more on the surprisingly crashing and ear piercing guitars and screeches (possibly an attempt to awake the constant mid week mood of the crowd.) A large case of letting their music do the talking.

The mood calmed at intervals, with "Lady of the Morning" being the first placid song of the set. As the crowd was briefly thanked, the band left the stage, soon to return for a solo by lead guitarist come pianist, an offering which rang through the intimate venue, as such songs often do. To follow, the band returned again for another mellow offering, before the walls were shaking once more, as the band left on a riotous note in the form of none other than a cover by The Furies.

Had the crowd perhaps listened to Shades of Black beforehand, they may have felt compelled to gather round and actually attend the gig, thankfully this did not deter what is certainly a charismatic band with a lot to offer.

Katherine Tomlinson