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We are a Movie Production of Rome and we are looking for a lot of young boys and girls between 18 to 35 from all over the world for the next shooting of the new East17 videoclip.we will shooting in Rome, in a great and big club at the end of November.if you are in Rome and you want to come, send us an email with yours PICTURES and CONTACTS at this address:[email protected] will contact you.francesco anastasi

Posted 11 years 4 months ago by Francesco Anastasi

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Hey boys, glad to hear your planning a come back. Just saw you at Butlins and thought you were great. Cant believe people were booing and being rude, i think it was more for the benefit of the cameras!!!Good luck lads x

Posted 14 years 1 week ago by Hayley

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Hi can anyone tell me what the name of the dog was called when they first started out? They turned him into a cartoon character on the front of their House Of Love single????? Been bugging me for ages as I can't remember. Thanx

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by Jazzybeeney

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Hey does anyone out there know if East 17 are ever planning to come back to Ireland?Would be like a dream come true!!!

Posted 16 years 4 months ago by auds

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SEE EAST 17 LIVE AT EPSOM SAT 28TH NOVEMBER 2006.OK all you E17 fans join me with special guests EAST 17 LIVE ON STAGE AT CHICAGO ROCK CAFE EPSOM. 4 TICKETS & INFO (01372) 747499 Email : [email protected] Over 18's Then again most of you will be in your 30's buy now!!! - djmoet ;-)

Posted 16 years 5 months ago by djmoet

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well well well its about time East 17 came back!! i luvd em since they first came out!!!there bloody gorgeous!! there not the public school boys group which i most liked!! wkd local boys who made it so big with us girls they didnt realise it!!! then not forgetting i come from walthamstow!! they make me proud to live ere!! i think brian should get rid of his bird!! shes to much trouble for him!! poor man, i know me & my girls r more down to earth, pretty & make him very happy!! john very very nice, ahh lovely tony i once gave u my luv beads, ahh bless... my favourite was terry!! corrr, hello u...u should move back ere!! im single... anyways bye for now, all u e.17s fan, come on, scream for em....

Posted 16 years 9 months ago by little p

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