Eamon's ex-girlfriend FRANKEE is praying her retaliatory single F*** YOU RIGHT BACK tops the British singles chart this weekend (16MAY04), because it will be the perfect form of revenge.

The jilted lover of Eamon - who slammed his former belle in number one song F*** IT (I DON'T WANT YOU BACK) - has hit back at the R+B star by ridiculing his sexual performance in her own version of the tune.

Early statistics show Frankee is outselling Eamon by five-to-one and is poised to knock the singer off the top spot - an achievement she hopes will rid her of the embarrassment he's caused her and end their lyrical feud.

She says, "I felt publicly humiliated after hearing his track and thinking it could be about me. But I think he's beaten. There is no comeback record to mine. If he can think of one, then good on him. I don't think he can."

But despite the suffering Eamon's caused her, Frankee is prepared to call a truce to their bitter war of words - in a decade's time.

She adds, "We've not seen each other or spoken at all since this whole thing started. Maybe when it dies down, perhaps 10 years from now, we can be friends again."

Earlier this week (begs10MAY04) Eamon accused Frankee of lying about their relationship, insisting they never even dated.

12/05/2004 02:12