On a mild night in Nottingham, Eagulls took stage to a sold-out Bodega club and, looking around, it seemed like Eagulls had landed in this venue at the perfect time. This venue was bouncing when full and, judging by the demand of this band, they won't be playing a room this small next time they come to Nottingham, that is for sure.


Before Eagulls appeared though, their fellow Leeds friend Autobahn warmed up the stage, who at this point I feel deserve a mention. Autobahn got the Nottingham crowd going with their bass driven tunes, lead singer Craig Johnson and his distinctive afro style hair bellowing out the vocals making this band an interesting concept and one to watch for the future.

Eagulls kicked off their set with a new track, a track that I have no clue of the name. This has to be the best way of showing the band's confidence in their music by kicking off a night with a previously unheard track? After giving the Nottingham crowd something new, they dived straight into 'Tough Luck' which got the crowd going; the band seemed on top form, even alongside their banter with the sound man as they kept asking for tweaks. Eagulls just blasted through their album no frills just straight to the point.

They looked comfortable in front a packed out venue and seemed to feed off the energy, and with a brilliant debut album to back them up it really is only a matter of time before Eagulls explode everywhere; radio waves and every festival you can think of, watch this space.

Mark Moore

Official Site - http://www.eagulls.co.uk