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Fifty Shades Darker - Featurette and Clip

'Fifty Shades Darker' is the tense new sequel to the erotic 2015 thriller 'Fifty Shades of Grey', based on the book trilogy of the same name by E. L. James. It sees the return of Anasatasia Steele and Christian Grey, though this time their relationship is more complicated than ever especially when secrets from the latter's past surface. Secrets aren't the only things either; this couple's romantic escapades are interrupted by a terrifying undercurrent of danger. Directed by James Foley ('House of Cards') - who has also signed on for trilogy finale 'Fifty Shades Freed' - and written by Niall Leonard ('Wire in the Blood', 'Monarch of the Glen'), 'Fifty Shades Darker' will be released on February 10th 2017.

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E. L. James Over-Ruled 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Director Over Ending

E.L. James Sam Taylor-Wood Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson

On the eve of its release, Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson has broken her silence on what it was like to work with the book’s author E L James. In an interview with Porter magazine, she admitted “it was difficult, I’m not going to lie.”

“We definitely fought, but they were creative fights and we would resolve them,” the 47 year old continued. “We would have proper on-set barneys, and I'm not confrontational, but it was about finding a way between the two of us, satisfying her vision of what she'd written as well as my need to visualize this person on screen, but, you know, we got there.”

Sam Taylor Johnson
Director Sam Taylor-Johnson has spoken of her frustration of 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

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Fifty Shades Of Grey, The Maze Runner: 10 Book To Screen Movies We Just Can’t Wait For

Jennifer Lawrence Jamie Dornan Ben Affleck Daniel Radcliffe E.L. James

In the coming months many of our favourite books will be making the leap to the big screen as Hollywood seemingly goes adaption crazy. From young adult favourites such as The Maze Runner to the family friendly Boxtrolls and of course Fifty Shades of Grey, here’s our pick of 10 book to screen movies we just can’t help getting excited for!

Ben Affleck in Gone GirlGone Girl - In Gone Girl Ben Affleck stars as the husband we’re just not sure we can trust as Gillian Flynn’s thriller makes its way onto the big screen. After coming home on his fifth wedding anniversary to find his wife Amy is missing, Nick Dunne is left trying to figure out what possibly could have happened to her. But as details of the couple’s seemingly blissful marriage are revealed in the media, suddenly more and more fingers start to be pointed at Nick. From the trailer, this one looks like it could be even better than the book thanks to Affleck’s believable performance and the casting of Neil Patrick Harris. Gone Girl hits theatres this October, but in the meantime you can watch the trailer here.

Dakota in Fifty Shades Of GreyFifty Shades of Grey - Perhaps the most anticipated book to movie adaptation in recent years, Fifty Shades of Grey stars Jamie Dornan as the seductive Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele. While the book has famously been described as ‘mummy porn’, there are some fearful that the upcoming movie may be a little too tame for E.L. James’s loyal readers. Directed by Sam Taylor Wood, there’s no doubt that Fifty Shades of Grey will have one massive box office opening when it hits theatres on Valentines Day 2015. But if you just cant wait, you can first get a taste of the action with the newly released trailer here.

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Despite Being Re-Cast, Charlie Hunnam Is Still Rooting For "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

Charlie Hunnam E.L. James Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan Beyonce Knowles

In case you’re not interested in Fifty Shades of Grey news, look away now. Actually, you may want to disconnect from the internet for the next week or so. Between Beyonce’s recent Instagram teaser and the full-length trailer for the adaptation of E. L. James’  erotic novel coming this Thursday, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele will be pretty much inescapable in the days ahead.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam still wants to see Fifty Shades of Grey.

In other Fifty Shades news, Charlie Hunnam, formerly cast to star in the steamy flick, has spoken out about his exit from the project one month after the announcement of his casting. According to the Associated Press, Hunnam spoke at a Fox event on Sunday as part of the TCA press tour – and he only had kind words for E. L. James, Fifty Shades director Sam Taylor-Johnson and the story overall.

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'50 Shades' Filming Disrupted By Old Dude With Cowbell, Mayhem Ensues

Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan Sam Taylor-Wood E.L. James

If you thought that the shooting of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie would be any easier than the chaotic casting, you were pretty wrong. After having hiccups in the early stages, including the walk-out of the former Christian Grey, Charlie Hunnam, as well as the film's seeming inability to nail down any committed cast members apart from Dakota Johnson, filming is finally underway in Vancouver.

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson Has Made A Success of Her '50 Shades' Role.

Reports from the shoot suggest that the movie, which is based on author EL James' erotic trilogy, seems to be well-cast with Johnson and Jamie Dornan enjoying chemistry in their roles as Ana Steele and her lover Grey. "Dakota is nailing her role," says E!News' source, adding "Everyone on set loves Dakota." Indeed, Sam Taylor-Johnson's directing seems to be working out pretty well too. "Sam has a great relationship with the actors," the movie source says. "The script is running smoothly and there is not a lot of re-shooting that has had to be done."

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'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Book Contains Cocaine And Herpes

E.L. James

Be careful when purchasing a 2nd hand copy of the erotic novel '50 Shades Of Grey'.

A copy of E.L James's hugely popular novel, from a Belgian library, has been discovered to contain traces of the class A drug, cocaine and the viral disease, herpes.

Toxicologist professor Jan Tytgat from the Catholic University of Leuven, made the discovery, he and his team were examining the ten most borrowed books at Antwerp Library.

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Universal Announces Postponed Release Date For "Fifty Shades" Film

E.L. James Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan Charlie Hunnam

In a new twist, the constant bumps in the road for the Fifty Shades of Grey project may have resulted in the release date being postponed for 2015. Reuters reports that Universal Pictures made the announcement on Wednesday. The original release date – August 1, 2014, has been pushed back for February 13 the following year – just in time for Valentine’s day.

Universal made no comment on the reason for the postponed release date, but it may be related to Charlie Hunnam, who was cast to portray protagonist Christian Grey, pulling out of the project on October 13 this year. Hunnam was quickly replaced, however, when Irish actor Jamie Dornan signed on to star alongside Dakota Johnson on October 24. This means that casting problems are probably not the cause of the delay after all.

The film is slated to begin shooting in December. It will be distributed by Universal Pictures' Focus Features. Despite the 50 Shades trilogy having been panned by many critics, the book became the fastest selling paperback of all time in Britain. It remains to be seen whether the adaptation will achieve similar success. The 2015 release date means that it is possible for the film to lose a lot of the built-in buzz from the book release.

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Charlie Hunnam Backs Out Of '50 Shades': Who Will "Whip" To The Rescue?

Charlie Hunnam Dakota Johnson Matt Bomer Ian Somerhalder Garrett Hedlund E.L. James

As soon as Charlie Hunnam announced his departure from the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, the internet began to buzz with rumours about why the actor had decided to call it quits and who would replace him in the lead role of kinky billionaire, Christian Grey.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam Quits '50 Shades' Due To His Busy Schedule.

The movie will adapt author EL James hugely successful erotic fiction trilogy with Hunnam originally signed up for the role of Grey, whilst The Social Network star Dakota Johnson has been cast as Anastasia Steele. The Sons of Anarchy star reportedly dropped out of the movie, expected in August 2014, due to his already "immersive TV schedule," according to a statement from the studios behind the film, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

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50 Shades Of Grey Movie Encounters More Trouble - Charlie Hunnam Quits Due To Pressure

Charlie Hunnam Dakota Johnson E.L. James

So far the 50 Shades of Grey project has brought 50 shades of trouble with Universal, first with casting difficulties and now with Charlie Hunnam exiting the project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Sons of Anarchy actor backed out of the project, claiming that his work on the series would prevent him from adequately preparing for the role of Christian Grey. The initial statement by Universal read: The filmmakers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead given Hunnam’s immersive TV schedule which is not allowing him time to adequately prepare for the role of Christian Grey.”

Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy Filming
Despite his initial bravado about the part, Hunnam has now backed out.

However, THR cites two new sources, which claim that it was actually the pressure of playing such a controversial, high-profile role that got to Hunnam and made him turn down the part.

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Jennifer Ehle Joins 'Fifty Shades' Cast, Will Play Anastasia's Mother

Jennifer Ehle Dakota Johnson Charlie Hunnam Sam Taylor-Wood E.L. James

After months of dithering over casting confirmations, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie makers have finally added another actor to the slowly growing cast credits. British actress Jennifer Ehle has become the latest star to be added to the movie adaptation of EL James' saucy fiction trilogy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jennifer Ehle
Jennifer Ehle Is The Latest Name To Be Added To The '50 Shades' Cast.

Ehle, best known for her BAFTA-winning role in the Pride and Prejudice television series, will take the role of Anastasia Steele's mother Carla; a no-nonsense Southern woman who is currently on her fourth husband. The movie will be based on James' often derided "mommy porn" which exploded to the top of bestseller lists worldwide last year.

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Finally! Charlie Hunnam Addresses His '50 Shades' Role As Cast-Change Petition Reaches 75K Signatures

Charlie Hunnam Matt Bomer Alexis Bledel Dakota Johnson Sam Taylor-Wood E.L. James

If the prospects of having to get his kit off many times on screen as well as learn how to deftly wield whips and paddles may have flustered Charlie Hunnam, the actor who'll play Fifty Shades of Grey's Christian Grey, then the news that over 75,000 furious 50 Shades readers had taken their discontentment towards him playing the lead male role to Change.org to demand a casting reshuffle, should by rights make him feel practically terrified.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam Is Confident In His Acting Ability & Interaction With Dakota.

However, it seems that the 33 year-old English actor could not be more confident in his skills, and quite probably takes all the petitioning and hate tweeting as a challenge to be the best Grey possible. Describing his experience of the hotly anticipated adaptation of EL James' erotic trilogy so far as "exciting and fun and weird and compelling," there's little sense of fear or trepidation in Hunnam's words as he talks to Hollywood Life.

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Charlie Hunnam Finally Speaks Out Following '50 Shades...' Casting

Charlie Hunnam Dakota Johnson Sam Taylor-Wood E.L. James

Charlie Hunnam has at last broken his silence and spoken in public for the first time about his appointment as Christian Grey in the hotly-anticipated 50 Shades of Grey movie adaption. Since he was announced as the star of the film version of E.L. James' smutty text, both he and co-star Dakota Johnson have received little backing from fans of the book, who question the credentials of the two stars.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam is ready for to take on Christian Grey and the naysayers

The star of Sons of Anarchy was speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere of the newest season of the hit biker series and seemed totally unfazed by the heaps of criticism sent his way by fams, before he's even had a chance to film a single scene for the movie. Arguing his case, Hunnam claims that both he and Johnson exuded chemistry during the initial readings for the film and said that his work on the British series Queer As Folk has prepared him for the explicit scenes he will be performing in the film.

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Matt Bomer Finally Responds To The Furious '50 Shades' Petition Furore

Matt Bomer Alexis Bledel Charlie Hunnam Dakota Johnson Sam Taylor-Wood E.L. James

Actor Matt Bomer has added his voice to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting debate after 61,000 fans disappointed with the movie's recently announced cast have launched a petition calling for the casting of the two lead characters in the erotic trilogy adaptation to be changed. TheWhite Collar star has responded to calls that, despite casting decisions being firmed, he should play the character Christian Grey instead of Pacific Rim actor Charlie Hunnam.

Matt Bomer
Over 60,000 50 Shades Readers Want To See Bomer Play Grey.

"I'm so grateful for the fans and I'm touched," said Bomer, speaking via Entertainment Tonight. He added "I'm looking forward to seeing the movie with Charlie and Dakota [Johnson]," perhaps in an attempt to calm the sea of rage that seems to be surrounding the casting of two relative unknowns in the adaptations of author EL James' erotic fiction series.

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Charlie Hunnam And Dakota Johnson - The Only Choices For "50 Shades"?

Charlie Hunnam Dakota Johnson E.L. James

By now it’s a well-known fact that the actors, selected for the lead parts in 50 Shades of Gray – Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam – don’t really appeal to fans’ tastes. In fact, some avid readers of the book went so far, as to express their distaste with an online petition. It’s written mostly in caps, so you know they mean business.

Charlie Hunnam, Pacific Rim Premiere
Hunnam's credits include roles in Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim.

According to The Hollywood Reporter however, at the time of Hunnam and Johnson’s casting, the studio was running out of options. Rumors about possible casting choices, from the somewhat plausible to the downright ridiculous, have been swirling for months. During this entire time, Universal Pictures were working to find the perfect Ana Steele and Christian Grey. According to the Reporter, Ryan Gosling was the first actor to be considered. Unfortunately, he wasn’t interested. The studio’s interest then went to Garett Hedlund and British TV star Christian Cooke, both of whom reportedly passed on the controversial role.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Fans Petition For Casting Changes

Charlie Hunnam Dakota Johnson E.L. James Ryan Gosling Felicity Jones Alexis Bledel Matt Bomer Imogen Poots Christian Cooke Garrett Hedlund

Fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy are in uproar following the casting announcements on Monday. Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam will be playing Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the film adaptation of E.L. James' raunchy novels.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam has been cast as Christian Grey.

Fans may have their own ideas about who should portray the characters of E.L. James' bestselling series. However, it seems unlikely anything will change despite the outcry. The film's producer, Dana Brunetti, has defended the casting; tweeting in mock surprise of the negative comments. He went so far as to accuse those attacking the casting decision of not being "true fans".  

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"That's So Wrong!": '50 Shades' Movie Casting Choices Creates Reader Backlash

Dakota Johnson Charlie Hunnam E.L. James Sam Taylor-Wood Alexis Bledel Matt Bomer

They once read Fifty Shades of Grey secretly on the train using Kindles, but now the readers of EL James' notorious "mommy porn" erotic trilogy have stood up and banded together in sheer outrage. With all page-to-screen adaptations, there will always be those who think "I didn't imagine that character to look like that actor," and maybe grumble about it amongst their friends or on the murky depths of a fan forum. However, 50 Shades fans have launched a petition for the male and female leads - Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson - to be changed.

Dakota Johnson
For Some Reason, Many Fans Aren't Digging Dakota Johnson.

The furious petition, launched on Change.org, has now gathered 23.5K supporters who feel that White Collar's Matt Bomer and Gilmore Girls' Alexis Bledel should take the main roles of kinky billionaire Christian Grey and student-turned-sex-slave Anastasia Steele. It's perhaps true; Bomer and Bledel do perhaps fit EL James' character descriptions a little better than the (both blonde) Hunnam and Johnson so there's little wonder as to why these actors were imagined when 50 Shades fans were reading.

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Why Don't '50 Shades Of Grey' Fans Want Dakota Johnson & Charlie Hunnam In The Film?

Dakota Johnson Charlie Hunnam E.L. James

It was announced earlier this week that after months of searching Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam have been chosen as the lead actors to bring E.L. James' hugely successful erotica novel 50 Shades of Grey to life. After such a long time waiting, you would assume that Universal would have gotten the casting right at the first attempt, but according to a number of disgruntled, internet-based fans, this is not the case.

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson has been chosen to play Anastasia Steele in the movie

Hunnam could have found himself the role that turns him into a fully-fledged mega-star when he takes on Christian Grey, the young billionaire S&M enthusiast, but that is providing that the angry online fans don't scare him out of the job before he's even begun filming. Having been picked ahead of favourites Ian Somerhalder and Robert Pattinson, various commentators are complaining that Hunnam just doesn't fit the description of Grey in in James' books. He may posses the gym-sculpted body, the necessary age gap and the element of badass needed for the role, but without the right looks he apparently won't cut it in the movie.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie Cast - Anastasia And Christian: Dakota Johnson And Charlie Hunnam

Dakota Johnson E.L. James Charlie Hunnam

After months of speculation and rumours over who would fill the shoes of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, we finally have our pair: Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam. The author of the raunchy ‘mummy-porn’ book, EL James confirmed the news over her Twitter account.

Dakota JohnsonDakota Johnson at the Premiere of Django Unchained held at the Ziegfeld Theatre

“I am delighted to let you know that the lovely Dakota Johnson has agreed to be our Anastasia in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey," James wrote. The news follows many possible candidates, from Emma Watson, to Keira Knightley right through to Mila Kunis and Elizabeth Olson.

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Travelodge Guests Leave 1,209 Copies Of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Book

Jk Rowling Ben Affleck E.L. James

E.L. James may be the highest earning author of the year, but it seems she's suffering from Dan Brown syndrome - her books are everywhere, but not necessarily on reader's bookshelves.

The multimillionaire appears three times in a list of the most likely books to be left in a Travelodge, with her erotic novel Fifty Shades Freed abandoned 1,209 times the hotel chain's properties across the country, reports The Guardian.

In second place was Bared To You by Sylvia Day, while self-help book The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst finished third. Next up was Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl - which is set to be adapted into a Hollywood movie starring Ben Affleck - and Jk Rowling's foray into adult fiction, The Casual Vacancy, was fifth.

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'50 Shades' Author E.L James Rakes It In As Forbes' Richest Author

E.L. James Stephen King Sam Taylor-Wood Dan Brown

They say sex sells, and now author EL James can attest, as the Fifty Shades of Grey creator perches on top of Forbes' author rich list. Amazingly, on the back of her raunchy trilogy alone, James has made more money than any other author in the past year, having earned $95m (£61.5m) from sales of her erotic fiction trilogy and the purchase of the film rights for $5 million (£3.2m).

EL James
EL James Is Exceedingly Rich.

What started out as Twilight fan fiction has seen the author's work rocket past Twilight author Stephenie Meyers (who didn't even make this year's top 15) in the last year's earnings to take the top spot on the business magazine's list. Her books sold faster than any other novel in history, with 70 million shifted in the first eight months of release in the USA and at its peak, the trilogy was earning her more than $1 million (£650,000) per week. The success of the 50 Shades trilogy was fostered by the ebooks market that enabled people to read her book in public places without feeling embarrassed to be seen reading such steamy fiction.

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Iron Lady Writer, Abi Morgan, To Debut At Royal Court Theatre

Meryl Streep Steve McQueen E.L. James

The writer of The Iron Lady and The Hour, Abi Morgan, will take her newly penned play, The Mistress Contract, to the Royal Court Theatre next season in a debut for the British screenwriter and playwright. The play will be based on the book of the same name, originally penned by anonymous authors who simply call themselves "she" and "he."

The Iron Lady
Meryl Streep Won An Academy Award For Her The Iron Lady Performance.

The play's director and Royal Court's artistic director, Vicky Featherstone, has said the film is concerned with "whether we can stave off decay" and will look at the unique relationship between an American couple who became friends at university but after meeting again 20 years later, the woman had a proposition for the man, according toThe Guardian. She faxed her lover a contract detailing an agreement for him to sign that in return for a place to live and the permission to record all their conversations, she'd provide sex and "mistress services," becoming his "sexual property." According toThe Daily Mail, the typed documents requests the unnamed woman should receive "tasteful accommodations to her liking together with expenses accrued in the normal course of her activities." He agreed, signed the contract and the unusual and highly fascinating affair began.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey's E.L James Tops Forbes' Author List: Does She Deserve It?

E.L. James Henry Cavill Ryan Gosling Josh Radnor

E.L James, the British novelist behind the polarizing Fifty Shades of Grey books, is the highest ranked author on Forbes Celebrity 100 list, placing at No.42 and beating the likes of crime specialist James Patterson, horror legend Stephen King, Hunger Games writer Suzanne Collins and Harry Potter author J.K Rowling.

E.L JamesE.L James Signing Copies Of Her Hugely Popular Fifty Shades of Grey Books

James' erotic novels Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed have taken the publishing world by storm, selling in their bucket load, catapulting Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey into public consciousness and spawning a soon-to-be-filmed movie likely to star Henry Cavill, Ryan Gosling, or...some other bloke.

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Director Joe Wright Is The Latest Inductee To 'The 50 Shades Of Grey' Merry-Go-Round


Director JOE WRIGHT is the latest Hollywood name to be chucked in the pile of potential suitors for the big-screen adaption of EL James' 50 Shades of Grey, with the Anna Karenina stalwart being touted by the Hollywood Reporter as the frontrunner to direct the project.

Pretty much every position on the 50 Shades... movie is still open, with screen-writer Kelly Marcel and producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti the only people to be officially involved with the film. Since the film rights to the book were snapped up by Universal and Focus, a number of big-name, art-house directors were pushed into the frame to direct, with Bennett Miller, Patty Jenkins and Gus Van San often appearing as the top contenders. Now it looks like Brit director Wright, who was already made four films Focus including Atonement and Pride & Prejudice, might be the man for the job.

Joe Wright
Joe Wright could be the man for the 50 Shades... job

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Now You Can Write Like 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Author E.L. James

Mila Kunis E.L. James

E.L James’ new book is going to be, wait for it… a guide to writing? The undisputed queen of ‘mummy porn’ – as she’s become known is ready to hand over her gift of ‘writing’ to her fans. We’re pretty sure they just fancy another borderline porn novel, but this is what they’re getting.

“As E.L. James traveled and met with her readers, there was a great curiosity about how she got started writing,' said Vintage publisher Anne Messitte. “Her personal story as a writer is inspirational to many women, and journaling has been an important part of her creative process from the start.” There’s one problem with this: Fifty Shades of Grey was considered, in literally circles at least, to be awfully written; sacrilege compared to the classics. Still, if modern times dictate that making millions of bucks is good writing, then maybe that is good writing? Fifty Shades of Grey: Inner Goddess (A Journal) will combine "professional advice from the million-selling author and lined pages for readers to set down their own ideas, or 'inner goddess.'" The book will released on May 1st, and has been described as "a bonded leather" journal offering "readers and aspiring writers a place where they can record their innermost thoughts."

European Premiere of 'Oz the Great and Powerful' at the Empire Leicester Square - London, United KingdomNo 50 Shades, not for Kunis

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50 Shades Of Grey Success Pays Off For Random House Employees, 5000 Times

E.L. James

For those discerning readers who ask for something both moral and educational from their novels, the question about what good 50 Shades of Grey could ever do the world has been answered.

Due to it's enormous and unexpected success, employees in the USA branch of Random House are set to receive a fantastic Christmas present in the form of a $5000 bonus. Every single one of them (if they've been working there for 12 months or more), reports the New York Times, who quipped it "Call it 5,000 shades of green," witty.

The CEO of the company, Markus Dohle announced it to a crowd of employees who applauded the news for minutes on end. He said that it was due to a fantastically profitable year, which has been put down to the release of E.L. James' record breaking trilogy 50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades Darker, and 50 Shades Free. Not only have the books been best sellers, but also through eBooks and the signing of a contract for it to be adapted into a film. In total it sold over 35 million copies in the USA alone.

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Screenwriter Choice Mocked By Bret Easton Ellis On Twitter

Bret Easton Ellis E.L. James

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie screenplay writer has been announced, and it appears as though Bret Easton Ellis is less than pleased with the choice. The Psycho writer took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter, to convey his dismay, reports E!

"Kelly Marcel?!? KELLY MARCEL?!? Kelly Marcel is WRITING the script for 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?!? THIS is the movie they want to make? ARGH," he tweeted, before posting: "Kelly Marcel: the creator of (gulp) 'Terra Nova' and a Mary Poppins bio-pic has been blessed by EL James and no one can stop her. Dear God." It sounds like someone is incredibly bitter at the decision. Fifty Shades producer Dana Brunetti got involved in the tweet-feud, by saying, "@BretEastonEllis Really, Bret? The day you release that 'trailer'. School film? You're losing it...," This started a bit of a war, with fans of both sides tweeting their support/insults. "Shoot me now," Brunetti added, in reference to another tweeter's assumption: "I can only deduce that @DanaBrunetti is the EP / Producer of The Canyons. #AnyPressIsGoodPress."

Anyway, this all culminated in a silly argument, regrettable tweets and a Lindsay Lohan name drop or two. In other Fifty Shades new, or gossip we should say, is recently named Sexiest Woman Alive actress Mila Kunis; the Family Guy voice of Meg has been mooted strongly for a role in the upcoming adaptation.

Fifty Shades Of Kelly Marcel: Behind The Scenes Of Fifty Shades Of Grey's Screenwriter

E.L. James Tom Hardy Tom Hanks

After weeks, if not months, of speculation and rumors regarding the cast, production and writer of the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation, we've finally been given one concrete fact. The Fifty Shades screenwriter is to be Kelly Marcel. But is she the right person for the job, given that her only success so far is the US sci-fi drama Terra Nova?

Note 'so far', because it really is only 'so far'. Already Marcel has written the screenplay for 'Saving Mr Banks' for which filming started last month. A biographical drama, 'Saving Mr Banks' follows the controversy that Walt Disney faced while trying to procure the rights to make a film of Mary Poppins, coming up against the original novel's author, P.L Travers. It's set to star Hollywood heavyweight Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and English gem, Emma Thompson as Travers.

Marcel also did an “emergency rewrite” of 'Bronson', that stars her business partner and British actor Tom Hardy. The film went on to win 'Best Film' at the Sydney Film Festival in 2009, as well as being nominated for awards at the Sundance Film Festival, British Independent Film Awards and London Critics Circle Film Awards.

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Have Ryan Gosling's Hopes Of Landing 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Role Been Dashed?

Ryan Gosling E.L. James

Ryan Gosling's hopes and dreams of being cast as the lead in the film adaptation of E L James' Fifty Shades Of Grey appear to have been dashed after the author herself shot down rumours that he was the clear leading candidate to play the main character Christian Grey. Ryan Seacrest was talking to James on his radio show on Kiis FM and asked the author whether she wanted Gosling to play the role? She replied "No. That's completely misreported."

She continued "What happened is that his local paper, he's from Northern Ireland, there's a newspaper there called the Belfast Telegraph that reported on my husband being the inspiration for Christian Grey. Underneath it they put a picture of Ryan Gosling, as well. So, that's how that came about". Does she have anyone in mind then? "Maybe. I'm not going to tell you." Oooh, E L, you big tease.

James also said that the success of the book had completely "shocked" her, and had never intended to write full-time off the back of it. "I wasn't prepared for all of this" she told Seacrest. "I was going to write the books on the side and carry on working and doing all of that. I used to work in TV. It was fun. So this whole roller coaster has been utterly mind-blowing, really." She quit in January when it became apparent the book was going to be massive: "I quit on the Tuesday and I flew to New York on the Wednesday [for the book launch.]"

Will Ryan Gosling Be Starring In Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie?

Ryan Gosling E.L. James Bret Easton Ellis

2012 is full of grand adaptations of major works of the literary canon, Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby and The Hobbit to name but a few. However, the one to be most talked about of late is in the very earliest stages of production: Fifty Shades of Grey. Ryan Gosling is favourite to play title character Christian Grey by fans, but author E.L. James told Ryan Seacrest that any rumours of Gosling starring are “misreported”.

Some of the biggest and most prestigious names in the film-making business have expressed massive interest in being involved in the making of the film, unsurprising given that it has become the fastest selling paperback book of all time, according to The Daily Mail. In March this year the LA Times wrote that Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. among many others had made or would be making a bid for the rights to the film.

Now most of the controversy and gossip surrounding the film is in regard to the cast. Bret Easton Ellis, who expressed great interest in writing the script for the film, has been backing adult film star James Deen to play Christian Grey. Any rumours regarding who will play Anastasia Steele have also remained unsubstantiated, most recently the rumour regarding Emma Watson.

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Harry Styles Found '50 Shades Of Grey' "Educational"

Harry Styles One Direction E.L. James

Harry Styles has been getting his nose stuck into the hugely popular erotic novel 50 Shades Of Grey and, in defence of E L James's books, he has claimed to The Sun that they're "educational".

"I haven't bought it," insisted the One Direction star, "but a female friend of mine was forcing me to read it out to her the other day." He added "They were like, 'Just borrow this,' and I was like, 'Hmmm'. It seems interesting. I could probably learn from it, I don't know. I feel like it's an educational and interesting read." Styles wasn't reading it to try and get them into bed, though, and the teenager insists that he is not the lothario that the press have made him out to be. "I don't want to be viewed as a womaniser or whatever" he claimed. "I'm not quite as I'm made out to be. I have friends who are girls and sometimes even if I give them a lift home I'm 'dating them', or whatever. It's fine, I have a lot of fun."

"I think that's important. You don't want to look back with any regrets, but at the same time if I met someone who I got on with and I liked then who knows?" he continued. "I know a lot of people are up for sitting down and going through who they have slept with. I know sometimes it might come across in the paper that I'm a bit like that, but I'm really not."

Does Emma Watson Fancy ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Role?

Emma Watson E.L. James

Is the Emma Watson ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ connection still a possibility? .

The ‘Harry Potter’ actress has previously denied having any involvement in the movie after rumors surfaced in July suggesting that she was in line for the role of the sexually submissive Anastasia Steele. Now she says that although she hasn’t been approached for the movie, she would still consider playing a part in it given the chance. ‘If there’s interesting character development and there’s an interesting story then I would consider it - but I haven’t been offered anything’, she said according to The Sun. She does, however, admit that she hasn’t actually read any of the best-selling sex novel by EL James: ‘The thing is I haven’t read any of the book because I haven’t read a script so it’s quite difficult to know what I’m turning down potentially but I hear it’s quite raunchy.’

Only a few months ago did the 22-year-old told Entertainment Weekly that she hadn’t been asked to appear in the movie: ‘I haven’t read the book, I haven’t a read a script, nothing’, she said. She goes on express her surprise at how many movies she has been rumored to appear in without ever having had a phone call. ‘The thing is I’m not going to go out there every time someone attaches me to a film to say no or release a statement’, she had remarked.

Harry’s Back? JK Rowling Hints At Eighth Harry Potter Novel

Jk Rowling Harry Potter E.L. James

Jk Rowling’s new book may be targeted at an adult audience, though the novelist caused a stir in the wizardry world on Wednesday (September 26, 2012) by refusing to rule out a fifth Harry Potter novel. The author and one of the world’s richest women told the BBC she would be willing to revisit her hugely successful series if she came up with an interesting plot.

On the eve of her new book ‘The Casual Vacancy’, Rowling quite rightly said she had reached a point in her career whereby she no longer had to write “just to make money,” adding, “Harry Potter truly liberated me in the sense that there's only one reason to write, for me - if I genuinely have something I want to say, and I want to publish it… Now if I had a fabulous idea that came out of that world - because I loved writing it - I'd do it.” Rowling has no doubt been urged to write further Potter books by her publishers, though has often spoken of her desire to produce work for other genres and audiences. ‘The Casual Vacancy’ has been shrouded in secrecy ahead of its release though reportedly contains more adult themes such a class warfare, addiction and sexuality.

Time will tell whether holding the book back from the press was a shrewd move, though it’s safe to say Rowling will be top of the charts come next week. The new book is unlikely to reach the heady sales heights of E.J James’ ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ series, though an eighth Harry Potter novel? Now that just might.

Will JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy Storm 2012’s Bestseller Charts?

Jk Rowling E.L. James Dan Brown Harry Potter

Jk Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy looks set to continue her literary success with one million pre-orders already having been made.

Following the massive success she had with her Harry Potter franchise which continues to reach out to fans with the new interactive website Pottermore.com even after the release of the last book and film, this modest author’s new ventures definitely look just as promising. It is expected to become the UK’s best seller of 2012 with The Bookseller charts editor Philip Stone telling AFP ‘It’s one of the biggest releases of the 21st century’ and predicting an immediate place at number one. It certainly has the credentials to become the next big hit in literature with it being the most pre-ordered book at Waterstones this year and with Rowling’s last book, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, selling 2.5 million copies in the UK just in the first 24 hours.

However, she has some serious competition. She is yet to break the record for the most hardback sales of an adult book in the first week (given that ‘Harry Potter’ was a children’s franchise) which currently stands at a massive 550,000 for Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ sequel ‘The Lost Symbol’. She is also to match the global phenomenon that is ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ by EL James which has so far sold 5.3 million. One Waterstones spokesperson has expressed doubt that Rowling will even match her own success records with ‘A Casual Vacancy’ and admitted, ‘It is not in the league of ‘Harry Potter’.’

Will JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy Storm 2012’s Bestseller Charts?

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JK Rowling’s New Book Storms Pre-Order Charts

Jk Rowling Dan Brown E.L. James Harry Potter

Harry Potter author, Jk Rowling, has shot to the top of the pre-order charts with her upcoming book, The Casual Vacancy, reports The Telegraph.

Bookshops are expected to open early for the launch of the novel at 8am on Thursday and pre-orders at Waterstone’s are the highest of the year so far. A spokesman for the high-street bookseller said: “This is definitely the biggest launch of the year. Having said that, it is not in the league of Harry Potter, which is obviously a phenomenon that built up over a decade.” The real pull, though are the online pre-orders, and they’ve hit the roof. “We have seen a great deal of customer interest for ‘Casual Vacancy’ and, on the strength of pre-orders alone, it has featured in the Amazon.co.uk bestsellers list since it was announced. It’s likely to be one of our bestselling books this Christmas,” said Amazon’s books manager Darren Hardy.

In terms of adult books, of which this is Rowling’s first foray, Dan Brown leads the way: his novel The Lost Symbol sold 550,000 hardback copies in its first week. EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey, which has sold 5.3 million copies in print and ebooks, will also be hard to beat, but given Rowling’s monolithic name in publishing; her Harry Potter franchise making her one of the richest women in the world, she’ll have the best chance of breaking those impressive sales records.

E.L. James Has 7 Actors In Mind For 50 Shades Of Grey Movie

Ryan Gosling E.L. James

50 Shades of Grey author, E.L James, already has a shortlist of actors for the upcoming movie adaptation of her best selling trilogy, reports The Telegraph.

Renown for its risque subject matter, ’50 Shades’ - as it’s colloquially become known - follows the sexual relationship between collage graduate Anastasia Steele and business magnate, Christian Grey. "I have three people who could play Christian and I think four who could play Anna, and I'm not going to tell you any of them," she told the studio audience of US programme, Katie, hosted by Katie Couric, on Monday. So far, Justin Bieber, Emma Watson and The Notebook's Ryan Gosling have all been mooted by the press as possible contenders, but James is remaining tight lipped about the potential stars of her franchise.

Talking to People Magazine, James admitted her surprise at the hype her books have created, whilst insisting she’s not a pervert, like some of her characters. "All this has been a huge shock to me. When I got the first email asking about the film rights, I nearly fell off my chair; it was a huge Hollywood agency!" she explained. "The books are my fantasy. I wrote them for me, really, and the wonderful thing about doing this is they seem to be other peoples' fantasies, so I'm not such a pervert," she said with a chuckle. Ryan Gosling remains to bookies favourite to play Christian.

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