British magician Dynamo looks as if he's gained 40 pounds in a shot of himself he posted on social media showing a dramatically swollen face. It's all down to his latest treatment for Crohn's disease, though as difficult as it is to live with, he's still got a sense of humour about the whole thing.

Dynamo at Fast & Furious Live global premiereDynamo at Fast & Furious Live global premiere

The 35-year-old illusionist (real name Steven Frayne) has been living with the inflammatory bowel disease for more than half his life, and underwent surgery to remove a portion of his stomach when he was 17. His latest treatment has caused his face to swell shockingly, and he posted a picture of the evidence on Instagram with the hashtag #NoFilter.

His fans have been overwhelmingly supportive about the whole thing, and while it's unclear what the details of his latest treatment was, many are offering advice and suggestions to manage the condition such as the marijuana based cannabidiol (CBD).

Dynamo detailed the consequences of his battle with Crohn's - which effects all sufferers in a variety of different ways - in an interview with BT last year. 

'The pain is different for everyone who has it, but it's excruciating for me', he said. 'Still to this day I wake up every morning in pain, the first hour of my day is taken up, I'm usually on the toilet for a long time in pain, stomach cramps, sometimes internal bleeding.' 

He explains that her uses 'heat treatments and certain meditations' to manage the disease on a day-to-day basis, though he does have to follow a 'restricting' diet that is allegedly gluten, dairy, fat and vegetable free. 'Once I had popcorn for a snack and spent two weeks in hospital', he told The Sun. 'If I'm out all day I bring my meals in Tupperware boxes.'

One saving grace is that he has not yet had to be fitted with a colostomy bag, though even that was a close call when he was younger. 'There was a time my life when I had to have an operation and I nearly died in hospital, and one of the options was to give me a colostomy bag', he recalled. 'I was only 18 and at that age it would have been awful, I couldn't have got my head space around it, but thankfully that wasn't the case.'

On the other hand, that doesn't mean to say it will never have to be an option. 'If it has to happen, it has to happen', he continued. 'And I might well need a bag one day. It doesn't affect the person, it just affects their life. I'm fine with it.'

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He's certainly not the only star out there to be suffering with the debilitating condition. Other famous faces living with the disease include Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Anastacia, actress Shannen Doherty, Amy Brenneman, numerous sports stars and even President Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Since the publication of this piece, Dynamo has addressed his situation directly in a two-part video on Instagram after numerous fans posted photos of their own 'moon faces' in response to his original post. 

'I got really sick and ended up in hospital last summer due to a really bad type of food poisoning', he explained. 'Having Crohn's disease and food poisoning... very bad combination. Thankfully, the NHS worked amazingly well to get me out of hospital and back on my feet, but there's been a lot of ongoing side effects to come from having the food poisoning which I'm still dealing with today.'

He reveals that the main thing he is struggling with is athritis in all of his joints, including his hands which has prevented him from doing a lot of sleight of hand style magic. There is also the fact that his weight has increased significantly from the steroids that he's taking.

'I'm on quite a lot of tablets, and all the medication has caused me to put on quite a lot of extra bodyweight as well as a rash that's all over my head', he says. 'It's actually all over my body but thankfully you guys don't have to see that, you only have to see this face. Sorry about that.'

He assures fans that he's well on his way to recovery and will have some brand new tricks up his sleeve for magic fans soon enough.