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UPDATED: Dynamo Shares Effects Of Crohn's Treatment On Social Media


British magician Dynamo looks as if he's gained 40 pounds in a shot of himself he posted on social media showing a dramatically swollen face. It's all down to his latest treatment for Crohn's disease, though as difficult as it is to live with, he's still got a sense of humour about the whole thing.

Dynamo at Fast & Furious Live global premiereDynamo at Fast & Furious Live global premiere

The 35-year-old illusionist (real name Steven Frayne) has been living with the inflammatory bowel disease for more than half his life, and underwent surgery to remove a portion of his stomach when he was 17. His latest treatment has caused his face to swell shockingly, and he posted a picture of the evidence on Instagram with the hashtag #NoFilter.

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Dynamo Bottle Trick Goes Wrong In London


He’s enjoyed a stellar career thusfar, but the illusionist Dynamo suffered every magician’s worst nightmare when a stunt involving a mobile phone in a bottle went wrong during a live show.

The 33 year old award-winning magician and star of the TV show ‘Dynamo: Magician Impossible’, real name Steven Frayne, was performing at the O2 Arena in London on Thursday night as his latest tour got under way. Having brought up two audience members to the stage, he dazzled the crowd by making a mobile phone disappear into a glass bottle.

DynamoDynamo's trick involving a phone in a glass bottle went wrong on Wednesday night

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Stephen Hawking To Appear At Glastonbury

Stephen Hawking Glastonbury Festival Dynamo

Glastonbury is famous for very many things – stone circles, crusty hippies and loud music – but almost certainly not for science. However, a reputation for serious thought might start developing with the news that Stephen Hawking is to make an appearance at this year’s festival.

Glasto’s official Twitter account confirmed that the world-renowned professor, whose life was recently the subject of the Oscar-winning movie The Theory of Everything, will be appearing at the Kidz Field. He’ll be part of the 21st anniversary celebrations of the creation of that area of the festival, which is aimed at children aged 12 or under.

Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking will make an appearance at Glastonbury

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Dynamo and Conan O'Brien - truTV launch party at the Old Truman Brewery - Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 31st July 2014

Dynamo and Conan O'brien

Rachel Shenton - Launch party of Dynamo: Magician Impossible series 3 held at 'Pulse' Blackfriars - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 9th July 2013

Dynamo and Rachel Shenton

Dynamo Outed: Is This How He Pulls Off His Levitation Stunt?


It was a normal overcast Sunday afternoon in London until Bradford illusionist Dynamo decide to add a little magic, appearing to levitate next to a bus with just one arm touching the double decker's roof. Bystanders - members of the British public - who were milling around below him stopped, stared, and got snap-happy with their camera phones. Was it magic? Was it a miracle? The photos clearly show Dynamo defying gravity, yet no one could work out how. That was, until a bunch of the internet's sceptical sleuths figured out how he did it, then smugly spread it about online.

How Did Dynamo Perform His Levitation Illusion?

According to news.com.au, the "arm" Dynamo was using to make it look like he was holding on to the bus was actually a metal pole firmly attached to the bus, with a harness inside the performer's clothes to support his weight, and his real arm tucked inside. Apparently the key clues are that you never see his fingers moving on his right arm and there are no people around when he "levitates" to the top of the bus at the start of Pepsi MAX's promotional video. Cut in some clever editing and close up camera shots and you have yourself a miracle right there.

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Dynamo On His 'Levitating' London Bus Stunt - "The Most Exciting Thing I've Ever Attempted"

Dynamo Beyonce Knowles One Direction

Dynamo caused widespread excitement in London on Sunday (23rd June 2013) as he travelled past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament on a bus. Dynamo is not the sort of man to take public transport, at least not in the conventional way. The magician was seen 'levitating' next to the bus as it travelled along, holding on with one hand.

Whilst travelling next to the upper floor of the double decker bus Dynamo filmed the reaction of the public as did cameras on ground level. On the public's reaction, the magician said it was "incredible and it was great to see so many people taking in the excitement."

This is not the only time Dynamo has carried out huge stunts in the UK capital. His previous escapades have including walking on the Thames. The 'magician impossible' frequently tours the country bemusing audiences with illusions which include bending glass, exploding bottles and his own spin on traditional card tricks.

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The Amazing World Of The Real Burt Wonderstones - Incredible Close Up Magic

Steve Carell Steve Buscemi Jim Carrey Dynamo David Blaine Criss Angel Paul Daniels Penn & Teller Matthew Wright

Magic tricks are a touchy subject among most grown adults nowadays, with it being literally one of those things where you either love it or you absolutely despise it. But there have been a few street magicians who've really transferred it into youth culture; the likes of West Yorkshire's Steven Frayne, more commonly known as Dynamo, being one obvious example as well as A&E Network star Criss Angel who's known for his cool, rocker style and his superhuman mind-reading skills. 

We also thought, what with the release of Steve Carell's new comedy 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone', also starring Steve Buscemi and Jim Carrey, it might be a good idea to put together our favourite close-up magic tricks to whet your appetite for its UK cinematic release, ranging from the old classics to the hip street stuff that has quickly risen in popularity. Of course, these ten magic mavens put Wonderstone to shame with some of the sleekest sleight-of-hand tricks on record.

Dynamo: The Vanishing And Re-Appearing Coin Trick

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Hey Presto! Magician Dynamo Is First Choice For One Direction Tour

One Direction Dynamo Simon Cowell Chris Martin Will Smith Lindsay Lohan

It looks as though One Direction want to shake up the tired old pop concert formula for their first world tour. The British boy band are reportedly hoping to have the magician Dynamo as their opening act, to make sure that their live shows really have the ‘wow’ factor. And it looks as though the band are really wanting to take control of their career and have told Simon Cowell that they want the final say on everything that happens on the tour.

Dynamo is right there at the top of the choice of support acts for the One Direction tour, according to The Mirror. The 29 year-old magician from Bradford apparently lives in the same block as some of the lads and they were mightily impressed with his ‘walking on water’ stunt on the Thames last year. “They’ve been blown away by what he does. They love his levitating tricks,” an insider said. It would certainly make a change from having yet another pop group warming up the crowd for them. What would be more impressive, though, would be if Dynamo (real name Steven Frayne) could teach One Direction to levitate as part of their act… though there may not be enough rehearsal time left to make sure that happens.

One Direction join a slew of celebrities that count themselves as a Dynamo fan. Chris Martin and Will Smith are already fans and he’s already levitated Lindsay Lohan before, too (perhaps he was trying to keep here away from the medicine cabinet). Fingers crossed that Simon Cowell lets the lads get their own way on this one.

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