Review of Some Kinda Album by Dwele

Some Kinda

Dwele Some Kinda Album

Soul brother Dwele is back with another album. With the hype and acclaim of 'Affinity' nu-soul lovers have been keenly waiting to hear the next stage in Dwele's development. The Detroit stable continues to deliver quality soul and 'Some Kinda' doesn't disappoint.

The slick production, smooth groove and polished edges of Dwele have made him so appealing to all lovers of soul music. His classy, elegant projection on the mic strikes a heartfelt higher state of positive conscience. This man is a sensitive, honest singer that displays excellent vocal delivery with truly soulful harmonies at its best. There was a lot riding on Dwele's young shoulders to create a new album with the same impact as the first. To me Dwele has kept grounded and speaks about the emotional aspects of love and life. It's far away from the angst of 'What's Going On' however the talented Dwele is expressing his life from his affectionate and humble perspective. The production keeps to that smooth American r'n'b sound that has become so popular. The music is based on the classy live sound of progressive nu-soul stemming from D'Angelo. It doesn't have that bump and grind sound associated with much urban popular music rather elegant black soul that you could be proud of.

This is a class album that's instantly likeable and portrays new soul at it's most uplifting. The harmonies are on point and show a sophistication to give this album longevity. There's even an appearance from Slum Village to give 'Some Kinda' hip hop credibility.

Tareck Ghoneim

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