On Thursday Dwayne Johnson stopped by ‘The Tonight Show’ to join host Jimmy Fallon back in the 80s, to play the hilariously awkward ‘Ermahgerd Prom Guys’. The wrestler-turned-actor was on the show to promote his new movie Central Intelligence, which sees him team with funnyman Kevin Hart, as two old high school friends who join forces to save the world after one of them joins the CIA.

In the sketch Johnson sports some 80s-style permed hair and a black tuxedo with a pink bowtie and waist band. The two play a couple of bumbling seniors, who speak with the internet’s favourite ‘Ermahgerd’ accent, as they try and woo the ladies.

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As the two stand by the punch bowl Fallon compliments his friend by telling him, ”Nice corsage,”, to which Johnson responds: “Thanks! My mom helped me put it on because I was piercing my nipple."

The two then have some mega-awkward encounters with their crushes, including one who renders Fallon silent, until he incoherently tells her: “Oh my god Stacey you look spectacular. I love your dress.”

Another girl is told by Johnson, “your like Beyonce. Hashtag Lemonade,” before she walks away. Things then get worse when a girl finally approaches Johnson to ask for a slow dance and he has a Nick Jonas-style, embarrassing “boner alert”.

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But it's not all bad for the hapless duo, as in the end they realise all that really matters is that they have each other. The two then proceed to bust out some serious co-ordinated dance moves together, before posing for their "Prerm 2016" photo.

Watch "Ermahgerd Prom Guys" with Dwayne Johnson and Jimmy Fallon below: