DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON always had the drive to become one of the biggest Hollywood stars.

After making the switch from wrestling to the big screen, Johnson has established himself as one the main action guys in Tinseltown and WWE commentator Jim Ross has revealed he had the drive to make it as an actor when he was conquering the wrestling leagues in the late 90s.

Ross exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''One of the reasons he's one of the biggest stars in Hollywood is because he made it his goal to be that, years and year and years of having that goal and he had the drive to make it happen. He wanted when he first started to make it big in wrestling.''

Ross - who signed Johnson as a grappler - also doesn't think we have seen the last of Johnson in the wrestling ring, despite his movie commitments.

The veteran ring announcer doesn't think the 'G.I Joe...' star will want his last match to be his losing bout against John Cena at this year's 'WrestleMania XXIX' in which he suffered a torn abdominator muscle, because he wasn't able to be at his best.

Ross - who is bringing his one man show 'An Evening with Jim Ross' to the UK later this month - said: ''I am of the belief ... that The Rock, knowing the competitor and the perfectionist he is, will want to go out on his terms and not anyone else's. My belief is that we have not seen the last of The Rock in the ring. Just knowing him and his competitive nature and the fact that he loves the genre, his life and his family's life in the business I would think that he would want to go out of the business under better circumstances than leaving where his last match resulted in an injury which pushed him to the sideline and didn't let him complete the match as he would have loved to have done. He can go out on a more healthier, and higher note.''

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