DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON surprised a young fan battling cancer by working as her waiter.

The Hollywood megastar and WWE legend, 51, wanted to give Luna Perrone an experience she would never forget, having followed her for a couple of years on social media amid her heartbreaking health struggles.

As revealed on Twitter, The Rock invited Luna – whose cancer has spread – and her family to the Hotel Bel-Air for a meal on him.

What Luna didn't know was the 'Black Adam' actor had arranged to be to one bringing out her chicken fingers, fries and ketchup.

Dwayne said in the video: "She has no idea I’m gonna surprise her. I told her family, 'Tell Luna that I’m setting up a lunch for you guys at my favourite hotel, I’m sorry I can’t be there.' "

Luna was in awe when she saw The Rock walk into the restaurant with her plate in his hand, and after she sheepishly said "hi", he called her up for a hug.

He told her: "You know what I need? Get in here! I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you!"

As he wrote on Twitter alongside the emotional clip, The Rock described Luna as a "very special and strong young girl".

He said: "I’ve had some super cool jobs in my life – but being Luna’s waiter just might be the coolest... She was in total shock and awe.

"What a cool moment and I’m honored to finally have met Luna!"

He described moments liks this as the "best part of fame", and insisted he wasn't let down meeting his "hero".

He continued: "They say, don’t meet ever meet your heroes, because you’ll be disappointed — well I got to meet my hero and she was AWESOME (sic)"