For as long as they have existed, the disaster movie genre has had a strong emphasis on natural disasters brought on by, at first, the abuse of science, and now, mankind's abuse of the planet. This is not always the case, as films like Roland Emmerich's '2012' can sometimes use the disaster movie genre as a way to use the glorious visuals of the literal end of the world as a way to tell an exciting adventure story. 

Dwayne Johnson in 'San Andreas'
Sure, he's cool - but can you imagine this man unable to just heroically save the day with ease?

But for people living in California, with the constant threat of the San Andreas Fault looming in the background, a movie about natural disasters can be a terrifying glimpse of possible reality. So, what brilliant actor is set to convey the heart-felt emotions of 2015's 'San Andreas'? Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson; perhaps an unlikley choice...  

Watch the trailer for 'San Andreas' here:

For the most part, the trailer for 'San Andreas' really focuses on the unseen horror of mother nature, with news reporters giving an all too real warning about the oncoming apocalypse. With a mournful piano tune and an especially terrifying choral rendition of The Mamas & the Papas' 1965 single, 'California Dreamin''. And for the most part, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson looks rather good as a powerful man, completely unable to do anything - which is what you want in this sort of movie, where mankind is powerless against the forces of nature.

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'San Andreas' comes from director Brad Peyton, at this time best known for directing the 2010 sequel to 'Cats & Dogs', and 'Journey 2: The Mysterious Island', a sequel to 2008's 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'. It remains to be seen if a director of sequels to forgettable children's films and an ex-wrestler will faithfully look at the horror of natural disasters, or whether it will just be another junky piece of pop-corn fodder. 

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'San Andreas' is set for release in the US on 29th May, 2015. 

'San Andreas' stars Dwayne Johnson adn Carla Gugino
'San Andreas' stars Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino