Dustin Hoffman has exposed an intimate secret Barbra Streisand told him on the set of MEET THE FOCKERS - she and her actor husband James Brolin have sex six times a week.

The veteran movie stars teamed up to play husband and wife in the sequel to 2001 hit Meet The Parents, and decided the best way to achieve on-screen chemistry was to bond off camera.

And Hoffman was delighted to discover the sum of his and Streisand's weekly sex routines added up to every day - even though he could only make a single contribution to the tally.

He says, "Just shortly after we started working on the movie, we confessed to each other. We were saying, 'So how much sex do you get?' And we confessed that between the two of us, we got seven days a week of sex. I was once, and she was six times."

11/01/2005 21:16