Dustin Diamond, the man who played everyone's favourite nerd in that hit 90s show, appeared in court for an initial hearing earlier this week (December 29th 2014) after allegedly stabbing another man during a Christmas Day brawl.

Dustin Diamond
Dustin Diamond arrived in court on December 29th 2014. Getty Images Entertainment: Credit Jeffrey Phelps

The 'Saved By The Bell' actor who played the lovable geek Screech in the show, now aged 37, was arrested after jabbing a switchblade into someone's armpit in - according to him - a bid to defend his fiancee, 27-year-old Amanda Schutz. He was placed behind bars before posting a $10,000 bail, and charged with possessing an illegal switchblade, carrying a concealed weapon as well as reckless endangerment.

Diamond appeared with his blue-haired flame at his initial status hearing at Ozaukee County Courthouse in Port Washington, Wisconsin looking rather harried and was conferring with his defence lawyer, Thomas Alberti - who later revealed Diamond was confident in the justice system but was disappointed to have been forced to miss the football game between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions while he was banged up.

Dustin Diamond with lawyer
Dustin Diamond confers with his lawyer. Getty Images Entertainment: Credit Jeffrey Phelps

The victim was not seriously injured and it is unclear why Dustin Diamond was carrying an illegal weapon in the first place as he set out to enjoy the festivities. The altercation was rumoured to have occurred at Port Washington's Grand Avenue Saloon.

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While Diamond is not well-known for any of his other acting work, he did appear in the twelfth series of British reality show 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

His next court appearance will take place on Monday (January 5th 2015).

Dustin Diamond and Amanda Schutz
Dustin Diamond with fiancee Amanda Schutz. Getty Images Entertainment: Credit Jeffrey Phelps