Duran Duran are set to play new music at next year’s ­British ­Summertime festival.

The band are poised to headline the event in London in 2021, and Simon Le Bon is already looking forward to the show.

He said: "We’re just really hopeful British ­Summertime goes ahead and we are really looking forward to it.

"We need to start training. The only upside of having to have postponed it for a year is that we are likely going to be playing new music.

"And it is very different. We have moved on a lot from the last album.

"Our producer, Erol Alkan, really pushes you out of your comfort zone as a performer and gets you to try different song formats. It’s not just what you’ve ­considered to be music, if that makes sense. It is edgy - for Duran Duran it feels very edgy."

Duran Duran's ambitions were halted by the coronavirus pandemic.

But Simon has enjoyed spending some quality time at home amid the lockdown.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "We all had the virus in March. We were all right.

"My daughter Amber got it the worst but we don’t need to talk about that right now. We just feel lucky to have each other.

"We have all our extended family here, including the grandchildren. We’re all in the same place."

Although the lockdown has created some challenges, Simon has relished not being "so Duran Duran-centric" in recent months.

He said: "We’ve been through the irritation, the fights, the make-ups and everything else. But once a week we sit down and we do a big family meal.

"Whether it’s on a ­Friday night or it’s a big Sunday roast, the whole household sits down. There are lots of people to spend time with so you don’t get bored.

"To be honest, I have quite enjoyed having some time not being so Duran Duran-centric."