There is a dangerous subsection of film fans. Not dangerous to society, no, dangerous to film production companies. They're the geeks. They know what they like, they know about it more than anyone else, and more importantly: they care.

So when video games franchises - the staple diet of 'the geek' - are announced to be film titles, an enormous risk is taken. Famously, videogame films are pretty bad. We're not talking things like Wreck it Ralph; that was about videogames, not based on one. No, we're talking Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Street Fighter. In fact, the best videogame film is Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, according to Rotten Tomatoes anyway, and their score for it was only 43%.

Game creators Blizzard Entertainment confirmed the news on WoW's official Facebook page, which read: "We are pleased to announce that Duncan Jones, director of critically-acclaimed films Source Code and Moon, has signed to direct the upcoming live-action film based on the Warcraft universe."

So how will Jones fair? Well, his last film Moon was actually really good, and was considered a critical success all round. And he's acknowledged how difficult it's been to get a videogame film right, tweeting, "So the gauntlet was thrown down ages ago. Can you make a proper movie of a video game? I've always said it's possible. Got to do it now." We think, and we're sticking our neck out here, that given the recent flurry of excellent comic book films, World of Warcraft the movie will be the first truly great videogame film.