You’d think people would have taken heed from the critical and commercial disaster of Battleship – the film based on the slow, methodical strategy game; it would appear not, though, with World Of Warcraft being turned into film ‘Warcraft’. What World Of Warcraft does have going for it is that it’s a heck of a lot more popular than the game of Battleship ever was (and we loved Battleship), and it’s now also got David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones confirmed to direct it.

Jones, in case you weren’t sure, has built a steady but low-key reputation on producing thought-provoking sci-fi films. He made his directorial debut with the well-received Moon, starring Sam Rockwell, in 2009; in 2011 he made the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring Source Code. However, both those films were made on a comparative shoestring to what he’s expected to be given budget-wise for this project, with The Hollywood Reporter suggesting that studio Legendary Pictures could spend upwards of $100 million on the flick. Pressure time.

Elsewhere, it’s been revealed that Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni have been confirmed to produce for Legendary, alongside Blizzard and Atlas Entertainment’s Charles Roven and Alex Gartner. It was Blizzard who of course created the original World Of Warcraft Game. Personally we think the film’s going to have to go some to top the hilarious South Park skit of the game back in its 10th season, titled ‘Make Love, Not Warcraft’.

Maybe Legendary didn't watch Battleship... Perhaps they should have