Moviemaker Duncan Jones has no plans to reconnect with his estranged mother Angie, insisting he doesn't "miss her" in his life.
Angie married rocker David Bowie in 1970 and they welcomed their son a year later (71). The couple divorced in 1980 and the musician was granted custody of their son.
Jones continued to see his mother during school breaks, but "stopped having contact" with her as a teen - and he doesn't regret the decision.
He tells Britain's The Times, "I don't miss her and don't feel I have missed anything by not having her in my life.
"I don't remember my mother and father being together. I remember going between houses for holidays, and at 13 I stopped having contact with her. It wasn't healthy.
"Over the years I've attempted contact but it's like getting a shock to my fingers. I know now not to bother."