Duncan Jones was inspired to become a filmmaker after playing on the set of his dad David Bowie's movie 'Labyrinth'.

The 39-year-old director admits he was fascinated by the elaborate staging for the 1986 children's fantasy adventure and believes it is one of the reasons why he wanted to grow up to work in the movie industry.

He said: "I remember being on the set of 'Labyrinth. It was massive. So much fun. I got to run around the goblin village they built. It was vast - so cool.

"I remember, as a kid, being able to sort of look at that and see how on a film you can actually create what's in your imagination. I think that had a huge impact. Being a kid in your own imagination is terrific."

Last year, Duncan won the BAFTA award for Outstanding debut with 'Moon', an honour he is still surprised about receiving.

He explained to Empire magazine: "I just thought, 'I'm not the kind of person they're going to give it to. I still think of 'Moon' as being a very cultish little film that has a very dedicated, but very small, following. And I was happy with that, I could live with that.

"So the BAFTA was just a massive surprise and yeah, it had a huge effect on me."