Warcraft director Duncan Jones has recalled showing his father an early cut of the epic fantasy movie before his untimely death in January. Jones said his father was ‘excited’ for him about the film and was happy he was doing the things he enjoyed in life.

David Bowie and Duncan Jones Duncan Jones and father David Bowie in 2009.

Speaking to The Daily Beast Jones said: “I showed him an early cut of this and showed him some of the effects shots. You know, for everyone else he was one person. For me, he was my dad. And he was always interested in things I was working on."

“So I showed him what I was working on, and he was all excited for me and happy that I was doing the thing that I enjoyed doing in my life.” Bowie passed away on January 10th aged 69, after battling liver cancer.

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In an interview with The Guardian, Jones also spoke about his dad’s feelings on the internet. In 2000 the musician had told Jeremy Paxman that he found the potential of the internet exhilarating and terrifying, and described it as “an alien life form”.

“I don’t know if my dad would have realised at the time just the noise factor of the internet,” Jones told The Guardian. “How much it just drowns everything out, the ability to discover things. I don’t think he, maybe he didn’t … I would have liked to have to talked to him about that actually but …”

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“I know that he treasured his record collection. I remember him talking about finding things that really excited him. Finding records, finding books, finding movies. Just the ability to be someone that knows about something that few people do and introduce it to a wider audience."

"That is so immediate now that it means nothing. I think that’s a loss. That’s not a benefit of the internet. I feel that we’ve lost the ability to obsess, to be an otaku, to specialise [in] something, in a way that no one else really knows. It’s too easy to just look something up on Google. Everything just feels cheap and easy.”